An introduction to Wardrobe Essentials and basics

If most of the fashion trends are temporary, there are also some wardrobe essentials that will last a lifetime.
In this article, we are listing the “8 Fashion Essentials” to add and keep to your closet.

See the 8 Fashion Essentials to add to your closet

1. White Shirt

A white shirt will never go out of style. Whether for work or for a night out, a white shirt will always be elegant while classy.

Buttoned cotton shirt - Medium plane

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2. Nice Pair of Jeans

A nice pair of jeans will never be a “no-go”. It can be worn all year long and will never ever become old-fashioned.

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3. White T-Shirt

After, the white shirt, it’s time for the white tee-shirt. It will match perfectly any pants, but a preference would be toward a pair of jeans.

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4. Black Trousers

Whether you wear it for work or for a night-out, the black trousers will always support you. You’ll be able to combine it perfectly with a white shirt or white t-shirt. 

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5. Trench Coat Jacket

Decades have passed since the first trench coat jacket appeared and yet, it never got outdated. Numerous Trench Coats are available, but a beige one (Burberry-style) would be preferred.

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6. Black Dress

What can go wrong with a black dress? Even if colorful dresses are more flashy and eye-catching for big events, no one can say anything about you wearing a black dress either. Thus, it’s a must-go essential.

Calf-length dress - Black - Ladies | H&M GB 4

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7. Loafers

Normally a more office-like kind of shoes, loafers have become more and more common for street style and we just love it. It’s a good example of how to keep it classy while stylish.

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8. Sneakers

Last but not least, dad shoes and sneakers in general have been there for a long time now. Even though it’s had a very quiet and outdated period, it’s now back and stronger than ever. It’s become the unmissable essential item. 

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