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Germain Lorenz, founder of Treaptyque

With his passion for art, fashion and objects, Germain Provot Lorenz decided in 2021 to found Treaptyque, a showroom by appointment, warm, based in Levallois-Perret, Paris.

Courtesy of Treaptyque

Could you tell us about Treaptyque, the vision and ethos behind the organisation?

Based in Levallois-Perret, in Paris, Treaptyque is a private place of Parisian curation – a warm and intimate space that presents a sharp selection of designer furniture, rugs, lighting and decorative accessories. Following his desires and inspirations, Germain hunts all over Europe and creates his offering nourished by travels, discoveries and history over the seasons.

Courtesy of Treaptyque

Drawing on the expertise and passion of a father who collected carpets and Asian art objects and who educated him from an early age, Germain explored his love of shapes with Treaptyque, the quality and durability of the parts. In a world where overconsumption and obsolescence of the object is essential, Germain offers here an alternative. Dating from the 20th century or an original creation by a young artist from the 21st century, each object tells its own story, often an encounter, sometimes a point of view. Treaptyque wants to be innovative, accessible, precise and contemporary.

What was your journey into this field?

Germain: I started buying and reselling various and varied products 10 years ago. It’s been a few years since I decided to turn to design; because after my studies I wanted to create a nest where I could feel good with pieces that correspond to me.

Courtesy of Treaptyque

Social networks and the Covid pandemic have transformed the second-hand sector and have digitized this entire environment. I wanted to learn and get out of my comfort zone by exploring this new world.

How do you go about selecting designers and items?

Germain: I am a passionate person who hunts and looks for parts with the heart. My goal is to look for pieces that deserve a second life for my friends and clients.

Courtesy of Treaptyque

What is the item you would cry after selling it?

Germain: I don’t know if I’m going to cry but I know that the pair of “Diamond” armchairs by Harry Bertoia for Knoll will give me a little heartache the day I deliver them to their new owner…

Germain Provot Lorenz, founder of Treaptyque

What is the biggest challenge as a curator nowadays?

The biggest challenge of a curator today is to remain faithful to his tastes, his ideas and his choices despite the great influence of social networks on our everyday life.

Courtesy of Treaptyque

What are you currently working on?

I’ve been preparing a project to celebrate the 1 year of Treaptyque next April 2022 and the first collaboration that should see the light of day after the summer!

Courtesy of Treaptyque

Could you tell us about some of your achievements of which you are most proud?

I am very proud to be able to welcome my friends and partners to my space. Treaptyque was a dream that had been sleeping inside me for several years and the fact of having brought this project to life allowed me to take a step back on my way of working and who I was deep down inside.

Courtesy of Treaptyque

I am also proud to have brought more than 300 references into the showroom in less than a year. It’s a lot of work and organization to manage the logistics of all these babies…

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