A.K.A. Brands, a platform specializing in digitally native fashion brands, has recently acquired Culture Kings, a well-known Australian streetwear retailer. Founded by Tah-nee and Simon Beard in 2008, Culture Kings is renowned for its experiential stores and wide range of over 100 brands. With eight physical stores in Australia and a strong online presence, Culture Kings has gained a devoted following that includes athletes like Ben Simmons, an Australian-born NBA player.

This acquisition opens up new possibilities for both A.K.A. Brands and Culture Kings. With access to A.K.A.’s platform, Culture Kings can tap into the support system designed for direct-to-consumer brands, enabling them to accelerate their growth. By harnessing A.K.A.’s expertise and scale, Culture Kings can enhance the customer experience and expand its reach into untapped markets.

Jill Ramsey, the CEO of A.K.A. Brands, expressed her excitement about the partnership, highlighting Culture Kings as one of the most sought-after streetwear retailers today. Ramsey sees substantial growth opportunities for both companies and believes that A.K.A.’s support and expertise will enable Culture Kings to focus on their artistic vision and the fashion that resonates with their customers.

Culture Kings’ co-founders, Tah-nee and Simon Beard, are equally thrilled about the collaboration, seeing A.K.A. as the perfect partner to help bring their vision of a global retail phenomenon where culture and style intersect to life. Their ultimate goal is for Culture Kings to become the go-to destination for streetwear worldwide.

Culture Kings now joins the portfolio of digitally native direct-to-consumer brands under A.K.A., which includes Princess Polly, Petal & Pup, and Rebdolls. Princess Polly targets young female consumers, Petal & Pup specializes in special occasion clothing, and Rebdolls offers plus-size fashion for urban women.

A.K.A. Brands, founded in California in 2018, is backed by Summit Partners, an investment firm. The company’s mission is to acquire digital fashion brands with strong growth potential and expand their presence in new markets. With the addition of Culture Kings, A.K.A. is solidifying its position as a prominent player in the direct-to-consumer fashion industry.

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