A.K.A. Brands Holding Corp., a San Francisco-based company specializing in digital-native fashion brands targeting millennial and Gen-Z consumers, has made its highly anticipated debut on Wall Street. However, it was met with a disappointing stock performance as the company’s shares opened below the initial public offering (IPO) price.

In order to proceed with the IPO, A.K.A. Brands had to make some adjustments to the size and expected price range. It ultimately managed to raise $110 million by selling 10 million shares at $11 each, which fell at the lower end of the revised price range. This represented a decrease from the original plan of selling 13.9 million shares, as outlined in a revised filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Once trading commenced, A.K.A. Brands’ shares experienced a decline of 4.2 percent and settled at $10.54. Consequently, the market capitalization of the company now stands at $1.3 billion.

Formed in 2018, A.K.A. Brands serves as the parent company for well-known fashion brands including Princess Polly, Culture Kings, Petal & Pup, and Rebdolls. The company’s overall strategy revolves around acquiring digital fashion brands that exhibit substantial growth potential, possess a proven track record, and demonstrate the ability to penetrate new markets.

Back in August, A.K.A. Brands made an announcement outlining its plans to launch an IPO after reporting a net income of $14.8 million on revenue of $215.9 million in 2020. The company is following in the footsteps of other fashion-related companies such as Warby Parker, Poshmark, and ThredUp, all of whom have also filed for IPOs this year.

Despite the underwhelming stock performance on its debut, A.K.A. Brands maintains an optimistic outlook regarding its potential for growth and the prospects of its fashion brand portfolio. The company is expected to focus on implementing strategic initiatives that will drive further expansion and capture the attention of millennial and Gen-Z consumers, who are increasingly favoring online shopping.

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