Aaliyah’s Top 10 Songs: A Journey with a Princess of R&B


When we think of the legendary R&B genre and its influential artists, it is impossible not to mention Aaliyah. Born on January 16, 1979, in Brooklyn, New York, Aaliyah Dana Haughton began her career in the music industry at a young age. As a highly talented singer, dancer, and actress, she quickly rose to fame, becoming an icon in the 90s and leaving behind a remarkable legacy. Tragically, her life was cut short in 2001 at the age of 22, but her impact on the music industry is still felt today. In honor of her timeless talent and remarkable contribution to the genre, let us take a journey through Aaliyah’s top 10 songs, exploring their success and impact on both her career and the world of R&B.

1. “One in a Million”

“One in a Million,” released in 1996, is undoubtedly one of Aaliyah’s most memorable and influential songs. Produced by the legendary duo Timbaland and Missy Elliott, the track showcased a fresh sound that combined R&B with elements of hip-hop and electronic music. With its infectious rhythm and Aaliyah’s sultry vocals, the song quickly climbed the charts and became a massive hit. It solidified her position as a rising star and showcased her ability to bring something new and innovative to the R&B genre. “One in a Million” also featured groundbreaking music videos, establishing Aaliyah as a pioneer in visual storytelling.

The impact of “One in a Million” goes far beyond its chart success. The song’s futuristic sound set a new standard for R&B music, inspiring countless artists to experiment with different genres and push boundaries. Aaliyah’s collaboration with Timbaland and Missy Elliott opened doors for other producers and artists to explore new sonic landscapes. Additionally, its sensual lyrics and smooth vocals solidified Aaliyah as an R&B queen, hailed for her ability to deliver both heartfelt ballads and assertive anthems. “One in a Million” remains a timeless song and a testament to Aaliyah’s influence on the genre.

2. “Are You That Somebody?”

Released in 1998, “Are You That Somebody?” showcased Aaliyah’s ability to masterfully blend her unique sound with infectious pop sensibilities. Produced by Timbaland and featured on the soundtrack of the Eddie Murphy film “Dr. Dolittle,” the song became an instant hit. Its catchy melody, combined with Aaliyah’s angelic vocals and Timbaland’s innovative production, propelled the track to great success on the charts. Notably, “Are You That Somebody?” earned Aaliyah her first Grammy nomination, solidifying her status as a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

Beyond its commercial success, “Are You That Somebody?” made a lasting impact by pushing the boundaries of what a mainstream R&B song could be. With its unconventional structure and quirky sound effects, the track stood out in a sea of formulaic hits. Aaliyah’s smooth and effortless delivery of the challenging vocal runs showcased her unparalleled talent. The song’s inclusion in a major film soundtrack also helped introduce Aaliyah to a wider audience, expanding her reach beyond the R&B fanbase. “Are You That Somebody?” remains an essential part of Aaliyah’s discography and a testament to her ability to create groundbreaking music.

3. “Try Again”

In 2000, Aaliyah collaborated with Timbaland once again for the soundtrack of the action film “Romeo Must Die,” starring Jet Li and herself. “Try Again,” the lead single from the soundtrack, brought a unique blend of R&B, hip-hop, and electronic elements, creating a catchy and energetic track. The song was an instant success, reaching the top of the charts and winning Aaliyah her first Grammy, firmly establishing her as an R&B superstar.

The success of “Try Again” can be attributed to various factors. Firstly, the song’s infectious chorus and Aaliyah’s flawless vocal delivery made it impossible to resist. The collaboration between Aaliyah and Timbaland once again proved to be a winning formula, showcasing their ability to create hits that transcended genres. Additionally, the song’s inclusion in a major motion picture brought it even greater exposure, introducing a vast audience to Aaliyah’s incredible talent. “Try Again” became an anthem for resilience and perseverance, inspiring listeners to never give up. Its impact can still be felt today, as it remains one of Aaliyah’s most recognizable songs.

4. “Rock The Boat”

Released in 2001, “Rock The Boat” became one of Aaliyah’s final hits and a testament to her growth as an artist. The song, produced by Keybeats and Eric Seats, showcased a more sensual and mature side of Aaliyah’s artistry. With its smooth and hypnotic beat, combined with Aaliyah’s mesmerizing vocals, “Rock The Boat” quickly became a fan favorite. However, tragically, shortly after the song’s release, Aaliyah and several members of her team lost their lives in a fatal plane crash on August 25, 2001, leaving the world in shock and mourning the loss of a true talent.

Despite its devastating context, “Rock The Boat” remains a significant song in Aaliyah’s discography. Its success highlighted Aaliyah’s growth as an artist, showcasing her ability to embrace mature themes in her music. The song was a reminder that Aaliyah had so much more to offer as an artist, making her untimely passing all the more heartbreaking. Today, “Rock The Boat” stands as a beautiful tribute to her legacy and serves as a reminder of Aaliyah’s timeless talent.

5. “Back & Forth”

“Back & Forth” served as Aaliyah’s debut single back in 1994 when she was just 15 years old. Produced by R. Kelly, the song introduced Aaliyah to the world and immediately showcased her incredible talent. With its infectious groove, catchy chorus, and Aaliyah’s youthful yet soulful vocals, “Back & Forth” became a major hit. It reached the top of the Billboard Hot 100, making Aaliyah the youngest female artist to achieve such a feat at the time.

The success of “Back & Forth” can be attributed to various factors. The song’s catchy melody made it an instant earworm, leaving listeners wanting more of Aaliyah’s unique sound. Furthermore, the production by R. Kelly helped establish Aaliyah as a rising star in the R&B realm. The track’s success laid the groundwork for Aaliyah’s future achievements and served as a promising introduction to an artist who would go on to leave an indelible mark on the music industry.

6. “Miss You”

Released posthumously in 2002, “Miss You” serves as a tribute to Aaliyah, showcasing the impact she had on the world of R&B. Produced by Teddy Bishop and released as the lead single from the compilation album “I Care 4 U,” the song beautifully captures the collective grief felt by fans and fellow musicians alike. It serves as a bittersweet reminder of Aaliyah’s incredible talent and the immense void her passing left in the music industry.

Despite the heartbreaking circumstances surrounding its release, “Miss You” achieved significant success. The song topped the charts in several countries and earned Aaliyah a posthumous Grammy nomination. Its impact lies not only in its commercial success but also in the emotional connection it created between Aaliyah and her fans. “Miss You” remains a symbol of Aaliyah’s enduring legacy and the love she continues to receive years after her passing.

7. “Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number”

“Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number,” released in 1994 as the title track of Aaliyah’s debut album, marked the beginning of her career as a solo artist. Produced and written by R. Kelly, the song showcased Aaliyah’s exceptional vocal ability and the maturity beyond her years. With its smooth R&B sound and irresistible groove, the track became a hit on the R&B charts and introduced Aaliyah as a force to be reckoned with.

The success of “Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number” can be attributed to various factors, including Aaliyah’s undeniable talent and the stellar production by R. Kelly. The song’s lyrics also challenged societal norms, empowering listeners to pursue relationships based on love and connection rather than age. It showcased Aaliyah’s ability to tackle thought-provoking themes in her music, setting a precedent for her future work. “Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number” is a timeless testament to Aaliyah’s undeniable talent and her ability to captivate audiences with her music.

8. “If Your Girl Only Knew”

“If Your Girl Only Knew,” released in 1996, is another iconic song that solidified Aaliyah’s position as an R&B heavyweight. Produced by Timbaland and written by Missy Elliott, the track showcased a fresh sound that blended hip-hop and R&B, creating a captivating and irresistible groove. The song achieved great success on the R&B charts, becoming one of Aaliyah’s signature songs.

The success of “If Your Girl Only Knew” can be attributed to its innovative production and infectious melody. With Timbaland’s unique beats and Aaliyah’s captivating delivery, the track became an instant favorite among fans. Additionally, the song’s lyrics explored themes of deception and infidelity, adding depth and relatability to the music. “If Your Girl Only Knew” remains a fan favorite, highlighting Aaliyah’s ability to craft unforgettable songs that speak to the human experience.

9. “4 Page Letter”

Released in 1996 as the second single from her sophomore album “One in a Million,” “4 Page Letter” is a standout track that exemplifies Aaliyah’s ability to deliver heartfelt ballads. Produced by Timbaland and written by Missy Elliott, the song captivated listeners with its intimate lyrics and Aaliyah’s soulful vocal performance. It achieved significant success on the R&B charts and remains a fan favorite to this day.

The success of “4 Page Letter” can be attributed to its emotional depth and Aaliyah’s ability to connect with listeners on a personal level. The song’s introspective lyrics combined with Timbaland’s expert production created a hauntingly beautiful track that showcased Aaliyah’s vulnerability. “4 Page Letter” highlighted Aaliyah’s ability to seamlessly transition between energetic anthems and soul-stirring ballads, making her an artist with range and resonance.

10. “More Than a Woman”

“More Than a Woman,” released in 2001, serves as a testament to Aaliyah’s legacy as an influential artist. Produced by Timbaland and released as a single posthumously, the song showcases Aaliyah’s growth as an artist, exploring a more mature and edgy sound. With its infectious rhythm and Aaliyah’s captivating vocals, “More Than a Woman” became an instant hit, solidifying her place in music history.

The success of “More Than a Woman” can be attributed to both its infectious sound and the profound impact of Aaliyah’s unfortunate passing. As one of her final songs released before her untimely death, the track holds a significant emotional resonance for fans worldwide. Its success ensured that Aaliyah’s legacy would endure, further cementing her position as a princess of R&B and an icon for generations to come.

In conclusion, Aaliyah’s top 10 songs have had a profound impact on the world of R&B, solidifying her as a legendary artist. From her pioneering collaborations with Timbaland and Missy Elliott to her ability to captivate listeners with her smooth vocals and heartfelt lyrics, Aaliyah’s music continues to inspire and resonate with fans today. Her untimely passing in 2001 cut her journey short, but her influence and legacy remain as strong as ever. As we celebrate her incredible talent and extraordinary contribution to music, we remember Aaliyah as the princess of R&B, forever immortalized in her timeless songs.