Adidas Originals and fashion icon Edison Chen have recently joined forces in a global partnership, unveiling their new line, Adidas Originals by Edison Chen. Chen, the founder and creative director of the popular lifestyle brand CLOT, brings his innovative vision and creative expertise to this collaboration. This partnership also marks Chen’s return to Adidas as CLOT celebrates its 20th anniversary this year.

The ultimate goal of this collaboration is to promote cultural exchange between the east and west, pushing boundaries, and defying norms with their thought-provoking designs. By leveraging Adidas’ extensive archive and rich history, Chen aims to introduce exclusive collaboration styles that showcase his unique aesthetic and revolutionize the Adidas brand. This partnership not only highlights the global influence of both partners in the fashion, music, and retail industries but also serves as a catalyst for cultural connections worldwide.

In a press release, Adidas expressed their belief that this collaboration will pave the way for future creators with diverse talents and a forward-thinking vision for the brand. The partnership between Adidas Originals and Chen goes beyond simply creating fashionable products; it aims to inspire and ignite creativity.

Chen eagerly expressed his excitement about the collaboration, emphasizing that the ability to freely create is one of the driving forces behind his work. He shared that his aesthetic has evolved significantly in recent years and this collaboration allows him to explore new creative avenues. Chen immersed himself in the Adidas brand during his summer in Europe, which provided him with a fresh perspective. The new EDC vibe is described as being more chic than street. With the 20th anniversary of CLOT behind him, Chen is more excited than ever about the possibilities.

Aside from announcing their partnership, CLOT also showcased its SS24 fashion show, featuring a diverse group of young designers, collaborators, and friends. The concept of the show focused on the idea of the throne and who will be the next in line, symbolizing the belief that anyone has the potential to achieve greatness.

The collaboration between Adidas Originals and Edison Chen is undoubtedly an exciting venture that will captivate fashion enthusiasts and inspire individuals worldwide. Together, they aim to break boundaries, challenge norms, and foster cultural connections through their innovative and thought-provoking designs.

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