Adidas, the global sportswear giant, has announced that the recent race controversy within the company has not affected its sales, said Chief Executive Kasper Rorsted. In June, Karen Parkin, former head of human resources, stepped down amidst employee demands for an investigation into her handling of racism within the organization. However, Rorsted assured stakeholders that customer purchases remain unaffected by the controversy.

During the company’s annual shareholder meeting, Rorsted acknowledged that Adidas had not adequately recognized the contributions of black athletes, celebrities, employees, and consumers to its success. He emphasized the importance of equal opportunities and emphasized that diversifying and inclusivity were top priorities for the company.

Addressing the widespread protests in the United States following the tragic death of George Floyd, Rorsted revealed that four of Adidas’s damaged stores have already reopened, with a fifth set to follow suit soon. He also mentioned that the company has not faced any legal complaints related to the race issue.

Regarding sales, Adidas is confident in its projected recovery and profitability growth during the third quarter. This optimistic outlook is based on the assumption that there will be no significant lockdowns due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The company expects to capitalize on the increased demand for exercise and remote work attire as more individuals continue to work from home.

Despite the internal race row, Adidas remains resolute in its commitment to improving diversity and inclusivity within the company. It recognizes the need for positive change and is actively working towards creating a more inclusive environment for all its stakeholders.

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