Advanced Commerce, a London-based e-commerce visual merchandising platform, has secured £1.5 million in funding from The Wealth Club to support its growth and expansion plans. The funding will be used to develop new products and expand the platform’s reach in different geographical areas. The company works with popular online retailers such as LK Bennett and The Conran Shop to enhance their website merchandising and improve the overall online shopping experience, leading to increased sales and reduced drop-off rates.

The company’s flagship software, GrapheneHC, combines site search, visual merchandising, and product recommendations to provide a comprehensive solution for online retailers. The goal is for GrapheneHC to become the industry standard in visual merchandising for e-commerce businesses.

This latest funding marks the second investment from The Wealth Club, with a total investment of £2 million. As cart abandonment remains a significant concern for e-retailers and can result in substantial revenue losses, The Wealth Club’s CEO, Alex Davies, praised Advanced Commerce’s platform for effectively arranging products to maximize sales. Davies highlighted the platform’s proven results of increasing average order values by 12-15% and order volume by 5-10%.

The additional funding will enable Advanced Commerce to accelerate its growth, expand services into new markets, and continue innovating within the merchandising ecosystem. Effective visual merchandising and optimization are increasingly crucial in the thriving online retail industry with intensifying competition. With this investment, Advanced Commerce aims to solidify its position as a leading provider of visual merchandising solutions for online retailers, enabling them to create engaging and seamless shopping experiences for customers.

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