Italian fashion group Aeffe has announced a significant increase in its revenue for the first half of 2022. The company, known for its luxury brands including Alberta Ferretti, Philosophy by Lorenzo Serafini, Moschino, and Pollini, reported a 13.9% rise in revenue, reaching €176.5 million.

However, Aeffe’s net profit experienced a decline compared to the same period last year, dropping to €2.9 million from €13.3 million. Despite this, the company’s gross operating margin, also known as EBITDA, remained strong at €20.9 million.

Aeffe made investments totaling €4.3 million in the first half of the year, primarily for operations on third-party assets and software purchases. Massimo Ferretti, the executive chairman of Aeffe, expressed satisfaction with the company’s performance, attributing it to the effective business model and strong sales growth across all brands and sales channels.

Ferretti also highlighted the success of Moschino’s new strategic direction and the completion of the project related to the direct management of distribution in the Chinese market. These developments are anticipated to yield benefits in the coming months. Aeffe is focused on sustainable growth and expanding its presence in high-potential markets, particularly Greater China and the USA.

Despite the challenging market context, Aeffe maintains an optimistic outlook for its future prospects. The company is committed to maintaining a trajectory of steady growth and increasing its market share in the ready-to-wear and accessories segments. With its strong brand portfolio and strategic initiatives, Aeffe is well-positioned to capitalize on opportunities in the global luxury fashion market.

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