Alexa Chung, the highly influential fashion icon and entrepreneur, has made the difficult decision to shut down her eponymous fashion label. In a heartfelt statement posted on her Instagram account, Chung revealed that she had been gradually winding down operations over the past few months.

When Alexa Chung’s signature label launched in 2017, it was met with resounding success. Edwin Bodson, the Managing Director of the label, stated in an interview with that the second collection achieved an impressive sell-through rate of 40% in its largest retailers within just three weeks. The brand quickly expanded its global presence, adding over 100 points of sale worldwide in a matter of months, and future growth seemed promising.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic threw a wrench in the label’s trajectory and presented formidable challenges for businesses in the fashion industry. Alexa Chung’s brand, with its higher price points, faced fierce competition from established rivals with greater financial resources and well-known brand names.

Despite the closure of her fashion business, Chung expressed gratitude towards her devoted customers and their impeccable taste. She acknowledged that the experience of building and leading her own company had been both fulfilling and joyful. Chung also made it clear that her passion for fashion remains unwavering, suggesting that this is not the end of her involvement in the industry.

Throughout her tenure as a fashion designer, Alexa Chung has actively engaged in various collaborations. Notably, she has had a longstanding partnership with renowned brand Barbour and recently launched a collaboration with luxury brand Mulberry.

The decision to close her label was not made lightly, as Chung is well aware of the challenges faced by small independent businesses, particularly in recent years. As she bids farewell to her fashion line, Chung leaves behind a legacy of stylish and timeless designs that have resonated with countless fashion enthusiasts.

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