Alexander McQueen, a brand owned by the Kering group, is currently considering discontinuing its secondary line, McQ. The company has temporarily suspended operations of the line, citing the rapidly changing fashion market as a reason for evaluation. McQ was initially launched in 2006 with the goal of attracting a wider customer base for Alexander McQueen by offering a more casual and denim-focused wardrobe. However, it seems that the line did not deliver the expected results.

Over the years, McQ has undergone various changes. Initially, production and distribution were managed by Italian manufacturer Sinv under a licensing agreement, but in 2010, the brand decided to bring these operations in-house. In recent years, the styling of McQ has been entrusted to a creative collective. The line’s first fashion show took place in 2012, and it even opened its own store in London, expanding its product range and aligning more with the parent line’s image.

While McQ was once considered a growth driver for Alexander McQueen, it appears that it may not have lived up to expectations. On the other hand, the main brand has seen significant development and has become one of the leading brands within the Kering group, alongside powerhouse names such as Gucci, Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, and Balenciaga. Analysts estimate that Alexander McQueen’s turnover ranges between 700 and 800 million euros.

In May, the brand appointed a new CEO, Gianfilippo Testa, and is currently in the process of building its largest store in Paris. The flagship store is set to open next year, further demonstrating the brand’s dedication to growth and development, even as it evaluates the future of the McQ line.

During this period of evaluation, Alexander McQueen has assured its McQ employees that it will support them and stand by them until a final decision is made. The fashion industry is constantly evolving, and brands must adapt to meet changing consumer demands. For Alexander McQueen, this may involve refocusing its efforts on its main line and solidifying its position within the luxury market. The future of McQ remains uncertain, but one thing is certain – Alexander McQueen remains committed to evolving and thriving in the ever-changing fashion landscape.

Overall, the potential discontinuation of the McQ line serves as a reminder of the challenges and strategic decisions that brands face in an industry that is constantly evolving. With the backing of Kering and the guidance of its new CEO, Alexander McQueen is well-equipped to continue its growth and maintain its status as a top luxury brand.

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