Alibaba Group’s annual ‘Singles Day’ shopping festival, traditionally known for its focus on sales and extravagant promotions, is taking a different approach this year. The retail giant is shifting its priorities towards promoting sustainability and inclusiveness, aligning with calls for “common prosperity” by the Chinese government.

In the past, Singles Day has been celebrated as a one-day event on November 11th. However, in 2020, Alibaba extended the festival into an 11-day extravaganza complete with celebrity performances and live updates on sales metrics. The festival shattered records by generating an astonishing $74 billion in orders.

This year, as China’s largest companies face increased regulatory scrutiny, Alibaba is adjusting its strategy. Chris Tung, the company’s Chief Marketing Officer, stated that their focus is now on “eco-friendly consumption” and “supporting vulnerable populations.” While the event will still feature livestreaming stars and discounts, the emphasis is clearly on sustainable growth.

The regulatory environment for e-commerce platforms, particularly Alibaba, has undergone significant changes in China. President Xi Jinping’s administration has aimed to address perceived excesses and abuses in the country’s platform economy. Chinese regulators recently directed e-commerce sites to crack down on spam and issued a set of responsibilities for platform companies.

In response to this intensified regulatory landscape, Alibaba has made commitments to social responsibility. They have pledged a 100 billion yuan ($16 billion) investment by 2025 to support “common prosperity” and have launched a senior-friendly version of their Taobao e-commerce platform. For this year’s Singles Day, Alibaba intends to develop new products with lower carbon footprints and participate in charitable donations alongside purchases.

While the focus of Singles Day is shifting away from sales and consumption, it is still expected to be a significant sales event for merchants. Chinese shoppers will be eagerly searching for deals, especially against the backdrop of slowing economic growth. Alibaba anticipates a record-breaking participation of 290,000 brands and over 14 million deals on its Tmall marketplace.

Alibaba views Singles’ Day as a platform to advocate and advance their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives. The event will go beyond showcasing sales and marketing; it will also be a platform for promoting sustainable development and inclusiveness. As the company navigates the changing regulatory landscape, it aims to strike a balance between profitability and responsible business practices.

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