Allbirds, the sustainable footwear brand, is venturing into the world of ready-to-wear apparel as part of its expansion plans. The California-based company recently secured $100 million in funding, propelling it into a new phase of growth. Since its establishment in 2016, Allbirds has been dedicated to producing eco-friendly footwear, and now it seeks to extend this philosophy to its clothing range.

The brand’s new apparel collection was launched on October 20 and is available in sizes XS to XXL on the Allbirds website. The price range varies from $48 for a t-shirt to $250 for a puffer jacket. Each item has been crafted with a sense of responsibility, and their carbon footprints have been labeled to increase awareness of their environmental impact. Allbirds is committed to utilizing “better materials” compared to the traditional textiles industry, all while prioritizing animal welfare, sustainability, and the environment throughout the production process.

Apart from using their signature TrinoTm material, a blend of merino wool and eucalyptus fiber, Allbirds has introduced a new fabric called TrinoXo. This innovative material is derived from a biopolymer created by repurposing discarded shells from marine life. The brand’s apparel collection includes t-shirts, jumpers, cardigans, and lightweight puffer jackets, laying the foundation for their sustainable clothing line.

The recent funding injection not only supports the launch of Allbirds’ apparel range but also facilitates the brand’s expansion into international markets. While Allbirds already has stores in London and Berlin, it has yet to establish a physical presence in France. To introduce its products to French consumers, Allbirds has partnered with local retailer Merci for a two-month pop-up store in Paris. The pop-up store will showcase Allbirds’ popular footwear models, including the Wool Runner, Wool Piper, and Tree Dasher.

Allbirds extends its commitment to sustainability to its pop-up store in Paris. The 640-square-foot space will feature sustainable design elements, such as bricks from the Briquèterie du Nord, which can be assembled and dismantled without generating waste. After the pop-up concludes, the bricks will be returned to the Briquèterie du Nord for recycling or reuse. Through this approach, Allbirds aligns its physical retail spaces with its dedication to sustainability in its products.

Moreover, the pop-up store in Paris serves as an opportunity for Allbirds to introduce its brand identity to French consumers who share a passion for sustainability. Allbirds will face competition from domestic label Veja in the French market, as Veja has already established itself as a leader in sustainable fashion.

With its expansion into apparel and international markets, Allbirds solidifies its position as a pioneering sustainable fashion brand. By prioritizing the use of superior materials, responsible production, and fostering environmental consciousness, Allbirds continues to lead the way in the creation of fashion that seamlessly combines style and sustainability.

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