Allbirds, the leading sustainable footwear and apparel brand based in San Francisco, is making a move into the Korean market. Known for its minimalist shoes made from premium natural materials, Allbirds has already gained popularity among celebrities and fashion enthusiasts. Recognizing the importance of the Korean market for its long-term success in Asia, the company has set its sights on expanding its presence in the region.

Leading the growth in international markets is Sandeep Verma, the head of international at Allbirds. Verma has a proven track record, successfully launching and building Allbirds’ European operations in 2018. Under his leadership, the brand opened four physical stores in prominent European cities and expanded its e-commerce business to 28 European countries. Verma’s experience and success in the European expansion position him well to navigate the entry into the Korean market.

What sets Allbirds apart is its commitment to sustainable materials. The brand is renowned for its sleek and logo-free sneakers, which are made from a range of regenerative natural materials. These include ZQ-certified New Zealand Merino wool, FSC-certified eucalyptus tree fiber, and SweetFoam, a foam innovation made from sugarcane. Allbirds has developed SweetFoam in collaboration with Braskem, a green energy company in Brazil, and has generously shared it with the industry. The strong industry demand for sustainable materials is evident, with over 100 companies expressing interest in incorporating SweetFoam into their own supply chains.

In addition to using sustainable materials, Allbirds places a strong emphasis on minimizing its environmental impact. The brand has incorporated as a public benefit corporation and B Corp, signifying its commitment to benefiting society and the environment. Allbirds’ manufacturing process for its wool shoes consumes 60% less energy compared to traditional sneakers, while their Tree model uses 95% less water and has a significantly lower carbon impact. The brand also prioritizes the use of recycled materials in their products.

Allbirds’ product offering has expanded over time, going beyond its signature Wool Runner silhouette. The brand now offers water-repellent sneakers, running shoes, and a sock collection called Trino, made from a blend of Merino wool and Tree fiber. With its expansion into the Korean market, Allbirds aims to connect with its existing community in Korea and establish itself as a prominent player in sustainable fashion in Asia.

Sandeep Verma expresses his excitement about entering the Korean market and sharing Allbirds’ purpose-led products with Korean customers. He believes that Allbirds’ mission to tread lighter on the planet has resonated with people worldwide and looks forward to expanding sustainability efforts to more wardrobes around the world. Co-CEO and co-founder of Allbirds, Joey Zwillinger, emphasizes the overwhelming response the brand has received, highlighting the importance of their mission to address the environmental challenges of our generation.

As Allbirds continues to expand globally, entering the Korean market is a significant milestone. The brand’s commitment to sustainability and use of innovative natural materials positions it well to attract Korean customers who value eco-friendly and ethically-produced fashion.

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