Alpkit, a renowned outdoor retailer based in Nottingham, has recently secured a substantial £2.7 million in funding from HSBC UK. The purpose of this investment is to support the company’s omnichannel growth, both domestically and globally. One of the key areas of focus for Alpkit’s expansion plans is the development of a new footwear range, which is set to be launched in the upcoming summer season. Additionally, the company intends to expand its product offerings to meet the rising demand for cycling gear, outdoor swimming equipment, and technical outdoor clothing.

Presently, Alpkit operates from eight strategically located stores across the UK. However, the company aims to strengthen its physical presence nationwide and enhance its digital trading capabilities to cater to the global market. Market data reported by TheBusinessDesk indicates a substantial increase in international demand, particularly in Europe and the US, suggesting significant growth opportunities for Alpkit.

David Hanney, the CEO of Alpkit, expressed his enthusiasm for the funding deal, affirming that it will significantly accelerate the company’s growth and enable them to capitalize on the surging demand both domestically and internationally. Hanney also emphasized Alpkit’s commitment to sustainability and innovation, as the company aims to create durable outdoor gear that is repairable and recyclable.

Paul Armstrong, the HSBC UK area director for East Midlands, highlighted the remarkable growth of the outdoor retail sector. Armstrong commended Alpkit for its commitment to expanding its offerings not only within the UK but also in international markets. The funding package provided by HSBC UK includes a £2 million General Export Facility, supported by UK Export Finance, the government’s export credit agency.

With this substantial investment, Alpkit is well-positioned to meet the escalating demand for outdoor products and extend its market reach. The company’s focus on sustainability and innovation aligns perfectly with the evolving consumer preferences for environmentally responsible products. As Alpkit continues to expand, it strives to establish itself as a leading player in the outdoor retail industry, offering high-quality gear and equipment for outdoor enthusiasts worldwide.

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