Amazon Inc. is gearing up to announce its latest financial results, and all eyes are on the retail giant to see if it can meet the increased demand from shoppers amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. As stay-at-home orders forced physical stores to shut down, consumers turned to online marketplaces like Amazon, leading to the company reporting its highest-ever profit. However, Amazon also faced its fair share of challenges during this time.

Initially, the company restricted its warehousing services to essential goods and implemented various COVID-19 safety measures. Despite these efforts, over 19,000 Amazon workers contracted the virus, which resulted in some calls for site closures. As a consequence, customers experienced delays in deliveries, raising concerns about Amazon’s ability to handle the surge in demand.

These concerns are now being addressed by analysts, such as Colin Sebastian of Baird Equity Research. With the holiday shopping season in full swing, analysts are questioning if Amazon has the logistics and delivery capacity to meet the increased order volumes. Michael Pachter of Wedbush Securities shares these concerns, particularly regarding warehousing constraints for larger items. He predicts a potentially disastrous fourth quarter if demand overwhelms the company once again.

To avoid a repeat of the delays experienced in previous holiday seasons, Amazon has taken measures to improve its operations. The company now handles more deliveries in-house and strategically shifted its marketing event, Prime Day, from July to October. This move allows customers to place holiday orders earlier and alleviates the rush typically seen on Black Friday. Amazon wants customers to start planning and shopping for the holiday season earlier to effectively manage the demand. This extended shopping period might result in additional sales, as higher-income households counterbalance those with reduced holiday spending budgets.

Based on IBES data from Refinitiv, analysts predict that Amazon will report revenue of $92.7 billion for the third quarter. The financial results will provide valuable insights into Amazon’s ability to meet the heightened demand during the holiday sales rush while navigating the ongoing challenges posed by the pandemic.

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