Amid the ongoing COVID-19 lockdown in India, Amazon’s India unit has revealed plans to hire 50,000 temporary workers to handle the surge in online shopping. This move comes as more customers have been confined to their homes and turned to online platforms for their shopping needs. Initially, e-commerce companies faced disruptions due to strict lockdown regulations, but with the gradual easing of these restrictions, they have been able to resume operations.

Akhil Saxena, Amazon’s senior executive, expressed the company’s commitment to assisting customers across India in practicing social distancing. Saxena emphasized that the hiring of temporary workers would not only help meet the increased demand but also provide job opportunities during this pandemic. Amazon also aims to create a safe working environment for its employees.

The newly hired temporary workers will be deployed in Amazon’s fulfillment centers and integrated into its delivery network. This move comes at a time when many companies in India are being forced to lay off employees in order to survive the health crisis. Amazon itself has decided to postpone its annual global Prime Day event from the summer to September due to the current circumstances.

In India’s competitive e-commerce market, Amazon faces strong competition from Walmart-owned Flipkart. To maintain its position, Amazon has set a goal of creating 1 million jobs in India by 2025. Additionally, the company has announced its intention to enter the food delivery business in India, where it will face competition from established startups like Swiggy and Zomato.

Amazon’s decision to hire 50,000 temporary workers not only highlights its commitment to meeting customer demands but also its dedication to supporting the local workforce during these challenging times. As Amazon expands its presence in India and navigates intense competition, it remains focused on innovation and developing new business opportunities.

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