Ambercycle, a materials science company based in Los Angeles, recently closed a funding round, securing $21.6 million to further their mission in developing sustainable infrastructure and materials for the fashion industry. The company, founded in 2015 by Shay Sethi and Moby Ahmed, is at the forefront of innovative solutions for promoting circularity within the fashion industry.

Ambercycle’s groundbreaking process, known as “Ambercycling,” involves the separation and purification of post-consumer textile waste, transforming it into regenerated materials. These materials are then utilized by brands and designers to produce new garments. One of their notable breakthrough materials is cycora, a high-quality alternative to polyester. Cycora has the potential to replace billions of pounds of polyester used annually, making it a game-changer for the industry.

The urgent need for sustainable materials is indisputable, considering that an astonishing 120 billion garments are discarded each year. Ambercycle’s materials have already gained recognition through collaborations with influential Los Angeles streetwear brands and were featured in H&M’s 2021 Circular Design Story Collection.

Shay Sethi, co-founder and CEO of Ambercycle, firmly believes that the shift towards circularity in the fashion industry is inevitable. He emphasizes the importance of creating an ecosystem where materials can coexist harmoniously with humans and the environment, ensuring a more sustainable future.

The Series A funding round for Ambercycle was led by prominent investors including H&M Co:Lab, Kirkbi, Temasek, Bestseller’s Invest Fwd, and Zalando, bringing their total funding to a substantial $27 million. This injection of capital will enable Ambercycle to expand its production of cycora and further its impact on the industry.

Erik Karlsson, acting head of H&M Co:Lab, expressed excitement about supporting Ambercycle and their commitment to sustainability. H&M Group aims to achieve full circularity by 2030 and believes that Ambercycle’s dedication to their mission aligns perfectly with their goals.

As the fashion industry continues to grapple with its environmental impact, companies like Ambercycle are leading the way by offering viable and sustainable solutions. Through their innovative “Ambercycling” process and groundbreaking materials like cycora, the industry can move closer to achieving circularity and reducing waste.

To learn more about Ambercycle and their sustainable initiatives, visit their website [insert link] and explore their innovative materials and collaborations.