Amelia Scott, a new jewellery and accessories brand, is preparing for its highly anticipated launch next month. Spearheaded by watch and jewellery designer Jane Hebden, the brand is expected to make a splash in the fashion market with its unique approach to accessorizing.

Inspired by vintage aesthetics, vibrant colors, and a touch of sparkle, Hebden aims to create pieces that reflect her own personal style instead of conforming to the minimalist trend. This allows for a playful and expressive approach to accessorizing, giving customers the freedom to showcase their individuality.

The debut collection from Amelia Scott offers a range of jewellery pieces priced between £69 and £159. Crafted from 925 recycled sterling silver and adorned with colorful cubic zirconia, these pieces exude elegance and charm. In addition to the jewellery selection, the brand also offers “statement scrunchies” starting at £20, providing a versatile option for customers to mix and match with their jewellery. Each item is designed in London and meticulously handmade in the UK, ensuring quality and attention to detail. Furthermore, every piece comes in a beautifully branded gift-worthy box, adding to the overall luxury experience.

Hebden has carefully curated the collection to ensure that each piece is versatile and collectible. She has provided a clear guide to customers on how to style and wear the pieces together, making it easier for individuals to express their unique sense of style and create their own captivating looks.

The inspiration behind Amelia Scott stems from Hebden’s personal experience during and after lockdown. She discovered that wearing bright colors had a positive impact on her mood and wanted to spread that joy to others. This motivated her to establish the brand and share her passion for design and vibrant colors with the world.

Before founding Amelia Scott, Hebden took a non-traditional path in the design industry. Initially starting in digital marketing at Olivia Burton, she later joined the design team and became one of the senior creatives. This diverse background has given her a fresh and unique perspective in creating a brand that resonates with individuals who appreciate bold and colorful accessories.

With the launch of Amelia Scott, Jane Hebden aims to bring affordable, vibrant, and collectible jewellery and accessories to the market. By infusing her personal style and love for color into each piece, she hopes to inspire others to embrace their most colorful selves and find joy in expressing their individuality through accessories. The brand is set to make a bold statement in the world of fashion, offering customers exciting options to elevate their personal style.

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