American Eagle Outfitters (AEO), a New York-based fashion group, is introducing its new premium denim brand, AE77. This label aims to offer a unique take on denim by combining sustainability, quality, and artistic elements.

AE77 is preparing to open its first store in New York City’s SoHo neighborhood, which has been designed by Stefan Beckman Studio. The brand’s e-commerce site will launch on October 15, with the opening of another store planned before the year’s end.

Chad Kessler, the president of AEO premium brands, explains that AE77 was created with the goal of producing the best premium denim on the market. The brand focuses on integrating denim design with sustainable craftsmanship, resulting in a distinct collection that reflects the essence of New York City while prioritizing the planet and quality.

The inaugural collection of AE77 will include nine different denim fits for both men and women. These pieces will showcase vintage details and innovative fabrics, such as selvedge. In addition to denim, the collection will feature feminine dresses and tops decorated with lace and ruffles, as well as LA knits, Japanese flannel shirts, and fleeces.

The denim assortment in the collection will range in price from $168 to $188, with men’s bottoms available in sizes 28-36 and women’s in sizes 23-33. AEO emphasizes that all jeans in the collection were designed and manufactured with a focus on reducing their environmental impact. The factories producing AE77 denim adhere to AEO’s strict water requirements, and denim washing is exclusively carried out using green chemistry. The collection also prioritizes the use of sustainable raw materials, including organic and recycled materials. All cotton used in the brand’s debut offering has been sustainably sourced, largely through the Better Cotton Initiative. Moreover, AE77 commits to donating 1% of its annual sales to the non-profit organization 1% For the Planet.

Jay Schottenstein, AEO’s chairman and CEO, believes that AE77 presents an exciting opportunity for the company. By leveraging AEO’s expertise in jeans and incorporating innovative styles, fits, and sustainable practices, the brand aims to capture the tension between New York City and the new frontier through its Fall 2021 campaign, developed with creative director Trey Laird.

AE77 brings a fresh perspective to the premium denim market, combining sustainability, quality, and creativity. Its commitment to environmental responsibility sets it apart from competitors, and its unique design approach adds another layer of appeal. As AE77 makes its debut, it aspires to make a significant impact by offering customers denim that not only looks good but also aligns with their values.

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