Anine Bing, the Danish fashion brand co-founded by Anine Bing and Nicolai Bing in 2012, is embarking on an ambitious journey of global expansion. The brand, renowned for its elegant and understated designs, has recently announced its plans to double its number of stores to 20, increase its global revenue by an impressive 40%, and make its entry into the Chinese market in 2022. To commemorate this milestone, Anine Bing has unveiled an exciting campaign featuring the stunning model Irina Shayk.

Despite the numerous challenges triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic, Anine Bing has experienced remarkable growth, surpassing its pre-pandemic levels. The brand swiftly adapted to the circumstances by placing a strong emphasis on digital sales when physical stores were compelled to shut down. Consequently, Anine Bing achieved a phenomenal 40% growth in the year 2021. Notably, approximately half of the brand’s revenue is derived from its core market, the United States, while the European Union accounts for 40% of its earnings.

China has emerged as a highly promising market for Anine Bing, showcasing exceptional performance in terms of direct e-commerce and wholesale channels. The brand witnessed an astounding 500% increase in sales in China compared to the previous year. In order to successfully launch in China, Anine Bing plans to leverage popular social media platforms like Little Red Book, Weibo, and WeChat. Additionally, the brand will collaborate with local influencers to bolster brand awareness and engagement.

In addition to expanding its presence in China, Anine Bing is also committed to expanding its physical retail footprint. Currently, the brand operates ten standalone stores across the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, France, and Germany. Moving forward, Anine Bing intends to carefully scale its retail presence in regions where it is already established and has ample room for market growth. The brand expresses particular interest in downtown city centers and suburban areas.

Anine Bing has achieved notable success in the UK market, and there are plans to open a second store in Chelsea later this month. The brand is making substantial investments in marketing to support its continued growth, including high-profile collaborations with influential figures like model and photographer Helena Christensen. Anine Bing’s recent launch of the Nico bag, named after the founder’s husband, was an astounding success, selling out within just 24 hours and accumulating a waitlist of 5000 eager customers.

As Anine Bing celebrates its impressive ten-year anniversary, the brand exudes confidence in its future success. Annika Meller, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, envisions Anine Bing as being a leader in the accessible luxury segment and aspires to build a modern-day fashion house. With its strategic global expansion plans, solid online presence, and steadfast commitment to quality and timeless design, Anine Bing seems poised for continued growth and unparalleled achievements in the fashion industry.

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