Anita Tillmann, the founder of the Premium trade show, has recently reflected on the incredible evolution of the event over the past 20 years and provided insights into the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for the fashion industry. During an interview with, Tillmann shed light on the significance of trade shows as platforms for introducing new ideas and concepts, ultimately helping to diversify and globalize the retail industry. She also addressed criticisms of the trade show’s organization and structure, announcing upcoming changes that aim to enhance clarity.

In response to the increasing demand for sustainability, Tillmann highlighted the efforts made by the Premium Group to support sustainable brands and social companies. She specifically mentioned the Green Area initiative, a vital component of the trade show since 2006, emphasizing the inclusion of more sustainable brands in the forthcoming edition. Tillmann acknowledged the rising interest in sustainable brands among retailers but acknowledged the complexity of the topic and the necessity for individual solutions.

Moreover, Tillmann delved into the exciting addition of the Ground festival, which aims to engage the Gen Z audience. The festival aims to encourage brand activations and enable direct dialogue with consumers, offering potential benefits for brick-and-mortar retailers. Tillmann emphasized the influential role of the younger generation in shaping the industry, acknowledging their openness to change and their purpose-driven mindset.

Tillmann also shed light on the upcoming edition of the trade show, emphasizing the synergy with Berlin Fashion Week and underlining the symbiotic relationship between the Premium Group and the German Fashion Council. Despite acknowledging the challenges faced by the industry due to the ongoing pandemic, energy crisis, inflation, and other economic factors, Tillmann remains optimistic about the future. She firmly believes that brick-and-mortar retail has the opportunity to showcase new offerings and evoke emotions in a novel way, while digital platforms can provide a diverse mix of brands.

In conclusion, Tillmann envisions the fashion industry entering a new cycle that is deeply focused on the consumer and community. Despite the persisting challenges, she sees potential for growth and innovation, both within trade shows and the industry as a whole. The Premium trade show will continue to adapt and evolve, ensuring it meets the ever-changing needs of the industry while supporting sustainable and diverse brands.

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