Another Tomorrow, a sustainable fashion brand, and Hindman Auctions, an auction house, have partnered to address the significance of sustainability in the fashion industry. As the demand for pre-owned and upcycled goods continues to rise, auction houses find themselves at the forefront of the sustainability conversation. In collaboration with MFA Boston, Hindman Auctions recently hosted a discussion led by Timothy Long, director of museum services, and Vanessa Barboni Hallik, co-founder and CEO of Another Tomorrow, with a focus on sustainability in fashion.

Barboni Hallik shared her unique journey to becoming a fashion CEO, highlighting her decision to launch Another Tomorrow in 2020 after committing to living a more sustainable lifestyle. Recognizing the environmental impact of the fashion industry, she aimed to create a holistic approach that prioritizes the well-being of the planet, animals, and humans. Another Tomorrow provides consumers with a digital ID, in the form of a QR code on each garment, which allows them to trace the product’s lifecycle and access information about its production and sustainability practices.

To ensure responsible sourcing, Another Tomorrow partners with mulesing-free farms for wool and a Global Organic Textile Standard-certified (GOTS) Italian mill for premium cotton. The brand also focuses on small-batch seasonal production and offers a foundational collection that can be supplemented over time. Furthermore, a resale program enables customers to sell back their clothing items, contributing to the circularity of Another Tomorrow’s model.

Barboni Hallik acknowledges that achieving these eco standards comes at a higher price point, posing a challenge in making sustainably sourced and made clothing accessible to consumers across income levels. She suggests that a shift towards responsible fashion requires a reset of consumption habits and government regulations. Additionally, the CEO emphasizes the need for textile recycling solutions at the municipal level, particularly for items like undergarments, socks, and swimwear that may not have multiple lives.

While Barboni Hallik’s vision may not revolutionize the entire industry, her outsider perspective offers a fresh approach to sustainability in fashion. Another Tomorrow continues to innovate with new textiles, such as seaweed-based fabric and fully compostable leather, which will be featured in upcoming products. The brand is also looking for a permanent retail space in Soho following successful short-term retail locations.

Known for its sustainability efforts, Hindman Auctions has established its permanent presence in New York City, expanding beyond its Chicago headquarters. The auction house showcased luxury handbags and watches for its upcoming fall auction in its Soho pop-up space. Director Timothy Long discusses how the auction industry contributes to sustainability by giving new life to pre-owned items.

In collaboration with MFA Boston, Hindman Auctions aimed to familiarize individuals with the auction process and encourage them to consider donating their belongings. The event provided an intimate opportunity for attendees to learn about sustainability and support Another Tomorrow’s eco-friendly business.

Ultimately, Another Tomorrow and Hindman Auctions are driving the sustainability conversation in the fashion industry, underscoring the importance of responsible consumption and highlighting the efforts being made to create a more sustainable future.

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