In a recent development, Ant Group, China’s major player in the fintech industry, has confirmed that it has no immediate plans for an initial public offering (IPO). A spokesperson for the company stated in an email to Reuters that Ant Group is currently prioritizing its business rectification and optimization rather than pursuing an IPO. This announcement follows the news that Jack Ma, the founder of Ant Group, has relinquished control of the company by making significant adjustments to his shareholdings, resulting in a loss of most of his voting rights.

This decision by Ant Group to forgo an IPO comes as the company nears the completion of a two-year restructuring process that has been driven by regulatory requirements. Back in November, a Reuters report revealed that Chinese authorities were expected to impose a hefty fine of over $1 billion on the firm. Additionally, the Chinese A-share market mandates a waiting period of three years for companies after a change in control before they can proceed with listing. However, the waiting period is shortened to two years on the Nasdaq-style STAR market in Shanghai and reduces to just one year in Hong Kong.

Ant Group’s highly anticipated IPO, which was valued at $37 billion and set to be the largest in the world, was abruptly canceled last year. This cancellation triggered a forced restructuring of the fintech firm and sparked speculation about the reasons behind Ma’s decision to relinquish control.

Now, with Ant Group’s emphasis on business optimization and rectification, it remains uncertain as to when or if the company will reconsider pursuing an IPO in the future. Currently, the focus of the fintech giant seems to be directed towards other aspects of its operations.

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