Antler, the premium British luggage brand, has experienced a remarkable increase in sales since its recent rebranding and as travel continues to recover. In November and December, the company reported a 43% year-on-year growth in turnover during the festive season. The most notable growth came from its UK domestic e-commerce site, with online sales during the peak period increasing by 86% compared to the previous year. These impressive results led to a 48% sales increase for the first 10 months of the current financial year.

These positive outcomes are a testament to Antler’s resurgence, which has been driven by its explosive growth in recent years. In the financial year 2023, the brand achieved a sales growth of 427%, reaching £27 million. With two months left in the current financial year, the company is anticipating a total sales increase of 41%, amounting to £40 million. Antler attributes this exceptional performance to the ongoing recovery of the travel sector after the pandemic, as the trend of “revenge travel” fuels increased demand.

Antler’s second-largest market, Australia, experienced a significant growth of 55% during the peak months. However, the entry into the US market in May of last year has been particularly influential in driving the brand’s growth. The launch of a dedicated e-commerce site and localized distribution in the US contributed to a surge in sales throughout the year. The US market accounted for 10% of Antler’s global e-commerce sales during the peak months, indicating a growing interest in the brand among American consumers. Expanding further in the US market is a key part of Antler’s strategy for the financial year 2025, which includes establishing national distribution partnerships and opening the brand’s first physical store internationally.

The impressive performance of Antler is a result of a significant brand overhaul and transformative evolution that took place in 2023. Under the leadership of Managing Director Kirsty Glenne, who took the role in May 2022, the brand underwent a fresh aesthetic makeover, refined its tone of voice, introduced a new logo, and improved the customer experience through a revamped global e-commerce site. Glenne has stated that the launch of a new collection in April, along with a new retail concept and continued growth in the US market, are the next steps in the brand’s rebranding journey. Antler plans to open a wholesale pop-up store in Selfridges in May and intends to establish a physical retail presence in the UK in line with the new retail concept.

With the continued success and strong momentum behind Antler’s rebranding and market expansion, the company is well-positioned for further growth and success in the years to come.

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