niood provides a complete and ultimate guide on the Aquarius Zodiac Sign:

Ruling Planet: Uranus
Quality: Fixed
Element: Air
Root Power: Stability and consistency
Positive Traits: Intelligent, concise, imaginative, friendly, honest, loyal, original
Negative Traits: Unpredictable, unemotional, detached, temperamental, opinionated
Good Day: Communicative, original, open minded, fair, logical, inviting
Bad Day: Feel inferior, guarded, detached, self destructive, out of touch, irrational, desperate
Turn offs: Pushy, endlessly needy or overbearing people
Seduction approach: Turned on by ‘let’s go outside the bedroom’

Lucky Color: Silver
Lucky Number: 4, 7, 11, 22, 29
Lucky Day: Sunday and Saturday
Flower: Orchids
Stone: Amethyst
Season: Winter
Basic Trait: “I know”/”I believe”
Quirk: What isn’t weird about this sign…
Advice: Learn to separate your brilliant ideas from the insane ones
Life Pursuit: To understand life’s mysteries
Secret Wish: To experience total freedom
Known For: Being wise beyond years and having a keen mind

Despite Aquarius being an air zodiac sign – alongside Gemini and Libra – it is represented symbolically by a pitcher of water or someone pouring a pitcher of water. One of the main traits of those born under the Aquarius zodiac sign are their kindness, friendliness and generosity, though later you may find that they are quite guarded and may choose to keep some emotional distance. Alongside this, they are quite subversive and rebellious – filled with many quirks that make them memorable characters of the zodiac.

Some big stars who have this romantic zodiac sign include Harry Styles, Oprah Winfrey, Michael B. Jordan, Alicia Keys, Michael Jordan, Shakira, Emma Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, Paris Hilton, Cristiano Ronaldo, Chloë Grace Moretz…

The Character of Aquarius

Aquarius is animated by a “universal” curiosity and is attracted by novelty. Recent discoveries thrill him, he is interested in everything, as long as it is something original. His assimilating powers and analytical mind can make him an inventor whose inventions are not always realistic.

He loves debates but hates useless discussions and relationships. Characterized by a rather immature critical sense, he is sociable despite his intransigence and his lack of spontaneity. His temperament pushes him to approach strong personalities with whom he can give vent to his oratory and intellectual skills. Aquarius is a conservative rebel who dreams of a better world all his life.

Love life is not his main concern because it is neither emotional nor very sensual, since intellectual activity dominates in him, but he is an honest and faithful partner.

The Profile Of The Aquarius Woman

The Aquarius woman does not have the simplest sign of the zodiac, she may even be the one who holds the palm of the paradox. The native sometimes gets lost in her own personality by persisting in appearing before showing herself as she really is. She is independent, and always tries to prove that she can fend for herself … even if no one disputes it. This character trait can make her aggressive at times, but she is also very inventive and often manages to find solutions to her problems without calling on anyone.

The Aquarius woman has difficulty putting up with authority and hierarchical relationships. The native likes to question the established order and does not hesitate to provoke, at the risk of annoying. But when the Aquarius woman manages to free herself from her tensions, she is dynamic, constructive, cheerful and easy-going. She does not express her feelings easily, however, and is generally not very demonstrative. Those close to her must understand that it is all about communication, but in reality, the Aquarius woman is indeed sensitive.

The Profile Of The Aquarius Man

The Aquarius man is intelligent but full of paradoxes. He talks a lot but does not like to interact, he understands or thinks he understands but very rarely sympathizes. Likewise, Aquarians are not always very good in human relationships, but they are visionaries and understand their social behaviors one step ahead. He can have a slightly irritating side to those around him. Indeed, the Aquarius man likes to show that he is right, hates having to bend his back or obey and confront narrow minds.

Ideally, he should undertake, create, invent, set up his business in order to be truly alone in charge of his life. If this is not the case, the Aquarius man may encounter some difficulty in progressing in his job. He is gifted, never rests on what he has learned, but lacks good communication skills and never takes it easy. He must learn to listen and respect others, because that’s all he needs to go from intelligence to genius!

Love and Sex

Love and sex … but above all friendship and freedom! Aquarius loves to establish an almost brotherly relationship. Although under the sheets it might surprise you with some eccentric habits. In reality, he is satisfied with little but in the meantime the most incredible thoughts are whirling in his head: he sees people with idealistic eyes, following up on unfinished relationships, passionate emails, endless telephone conversations. In the name of his own freedom, he is able to overturn everything from one day to the next. Get back with the ex, put him back and run away with another person!


The innovative impulse and the great manual and mental skills lead them to become scientists, computer scientists, doctors, anthropologists, inventors, aviators, photographers, musicians.


Intelligent, inventive, humanistic, friendly, altruistic, sociable, and reformative


Rebels without a cause, emotionally detached, scatterbrained, irresponsible and impersonal

Best compatibility

Aries: The attraction that these two signs feel for each other is incredible, they are very similar. They love freedom, they love to travel, to go here and there, to discover new worlds. The fire they feel inside allows them to resist any conflict.

Gemini: The two air signs have a certain compatibility. The best thing about them is that they know how to understand each other with gestures, without using words. They are very similar and can have a real, very intense feeling towards the partner. They are very open minded.

Libra: Both the scales and the aquarium are water signs and it is not surprising that they are compatible. They are smart, creative, and have a big heart. They may seem introverted but deep down they sincerely love their partner. They are very sociable and have no problem accepting other people’s faults as well.

Sagittarius: When the two signs in question come together they can create a real explosive bomb. They understand each other on the fly, and they will never get bored because their relationship is one of the most trustworthy and sincere there is. The Sagittarius will know how to bust the plans of the aquarium and give his life a touch of extra movement and frenzy.

Worst compatibility

Aquarius is less compatible with Taurus and Scorpio, and its totally opposite sign is Leo. Aquarius could be frustrated by the rigid thinking of Taurus. Scorpio represents a serious challenge, because both Scorpio and Aquarius are incredibly stubborn and everyone wants to be right. With Leo, both are in the spotlight which could lead to conflicts, although an attraction could arise.