UK-based information and analytics company Ascential has recently made an acquisition to enhance its capabilities in the e-commerce space. The company has acquired OneSpace, a US-based content optimisation business that specifically caters to brands operating on e-commerce platforms. Although the financial details of the transaction were not disclosed, this acquisition demonstrates Ascential’s commitment to strengthening its position in the e-commerce market.

OneSpace utilizes a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model to effectively manage product-specific content catalogues, allowing brands to create original material and tailor content to drive higher sales across various products and marketplaces. Currently serving over 60 consumer packaged goods (CPG) customers in the US on a subscription basis, OneSpace’s expertise in content management, optimisation, and distribution aligns well with Ascential’s existing execution capabilities within their Digital Commerce division.

Duncan Painter, CEO of Ascential, expressed his excitement about the acquisition, highlighting the cross-selling opportunities that OneSpace’s content optimisation product set brings to their Edge and Flywheel businesses. He also emphasized the potential of Ascential’s global reach in the Digital Commerce sector to accelerate OneSpace’s growth. With their leading position in the industry and the synergies between the two companies, Ascential aims to leverage this acquisition to further expand their presence and propel growth in the e-commerce sector.

Overall, this strategic acquisition by Ascential showcases their commitment to enhancing their capabilities in the e-commerce market. By acquiring OneSpace, they are strengthening their position in content optimisation, an essential aspect of driving online sales. Ascential is poised to leverage its industry expertise and global reach to support OneSpace’s growth and solidify its presence in the ever-expanding e-commerce sector.

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