Asos, the well-known digital fashion giant, has made two significant announcements that are set to shape its future. The first major development is the appointment of José Antonio Ramos Calamonte as the new chief commercial officer. This newly-created role is aimed at bolstering Asos’ executive team and ensuring its continued growth and success. Calamonte’s responsibilities will include overseeing global product and trading strategies, such as design, sourcing, buying, and merchandising. With a wealth of experience gained from his previous roles at renowned companies like Salsa Jeans, Esprit, Carrefour Spain, and Inditex, Calamonte is expected to bring valuable expertise to the table.

Asos CEO Nick Beighton has expressed his excitement about Calamonte’s appointment and has praised his extensive commercial knowledge. Calamonte himself has eagerly expressed his enthusiasm for joining the Asos team and contributing to the company’s ambitious growth plans.

In addition to Calamonte’s appointment, Asos has also forged a partnership with Apexx Global, a reputable global payments provider. This collaboration aims to optimize international payments and enhance customer conversion rates while reducing expenses. As Asos generates over 60% of its sales from international markets, this strategic move is crucial for maintaining its success on a global scale.

Apexx Global will take charge of managing and coordinating the authorization, processing, and optimization of transactions through a Payment Orchestration Layer. By leveraging local processing and intelligent transaction routing, Apexx helps clients maximize payments authorization rates and increase cross-border revenues.

This partnership with Apexx Global aligns perfectly with Asos’ commitment to offering a seamless and efficient payment experience for its customers. Both Asos and Apexx share the goal of enhancing the overall shopping experience and ensuring that both consumers and retailers reap the benefits of streamlined payments.

These recent developments solidify Asos’ position as a trailblazer in the digital fashion industry. With a strong executive team now in place and a strategic partnership with Apexx Global, Asos is well-prepared to continue its global expansion and provide an exceptional online shopping experience to its customers worldwide.

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