Authentic Brands Group (ABG), the brand management company known for its ownership of popular brands such as Barney’s, Juicy Couture, and Forever 21, is reportedly considering an initial public offering (IPO) with the assistance of advisers. This move could potentially take place as early as this year, and ABG is aiming for a valuation of approximately $10 billion when it goes public, according to sources familiar with the matter.

Based in New York, ABG has significantly expanded its portfolio in recent years through the acquisition of bankrupt retailers. In 2020 alone, the company acquired Forever 21, Brooks Brothers, and Juicy Couture. Prior to that, it purchased Barneys, Nine West, and Aéropostale after they had filed for bankruptcy. Furthermore, ABG recently placed a substantial bid for Reebok, which has been put up for sale by Adidas. Additionally, the company acquired outerwear-maker Eddie Bauer and Sparc, its joint venture with Simon, the largest mall operator in the United States.

Founded by Jamie Salter in 2010, ABG now operates almost 30 brands. It has received investments from renowned financial firms such as BlackRock, General Atlantic, Leonard Green & Partners, and Lion Capital. In 2019, ABG’s valuation reached $4 billion after BlackRock made an investment of $875 million.

An IPO would provide ABG with the opportunity to further expand its operations and continue its strategy of acquiring distressed assets in the retail industry. The company has proven its capability to revive struggling brands and restore their profitability. With its extensive brand portfolio and experienced management team, ABG has established itself as a major player in the fashion and retail industry.

The reported IPO plans demonstrate the confidence that ABG and its investors have in the future prospects of the company. ABG has displayed its adaptability and agility in navigating the ever-changing landscape of the retail industry as consumer preferences evolve and market dynamics shift.

If the IPO moves forward as planned, it would allow investors to participate in the growth of ABG and its collection of iconic brands. The IPO market has been thriving in recent years, with numerous high-profile companies going public and achieving significant success.

Overall, ABG’s reported intentions for an IPO highlight the company’s determination to capitalize on its strong brand portfolio and utilize its expertise in brand management. As the retail industry continues to evolve, ABG is well-positioned to seize emerging opportunities and drive further growth in the market.

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