Authentic Brands Group (Authentic), a global brand builder and marketing powerhouse, has announced its expansion of partnership with prominent fashion retailer and wholesaler, the Aldo Group. The collaboration aims to focus on the production, design, and distribution of Roxy footwear for women and girls in the United States and Canada.

Roxy, originally established as an action sports brand exclusively for women, is known for celebrating the power and resilience of women who make a difference in the world. With its unique blend of style and performance, Roxy has garnered a loyal following among customers.

David Brooks, the Executive Vice President of Action and Outdoor Sports Lifestyle at Authentic, is thrilled about the extended partnership. He is confident that the Aldo Group’s expertise in footwear design and quality will uphold Roxy’s brand ethos and meet customers’ expectations.

Jonathan Frankel, the President of Aldo Product Services at the Aldo Group, also expresses his excitement for the collaboration. He sees the partnership as an opportunity to unlock the full potential of the Roxy brand in the women’s and girls’ footwear categories. Drawing inspiration from Roxy’s vibrant and effortlessly cool DNA, the Aldo Group plans to introduce fresh and innovative concepts to solidify Roxy’s position in the action sports industry.

This partnership not only exemplifies the joint efforts of two prominent names in the fashion and footwear industry, but also reflects Authentic’s commitment to expanding its brand presence. By partnering with the Aldo Group, Authentic can amplify the success and influence of its brand portfolio.

With the Aldo Group acting as the driving force behind the design, production, and distribution of Roxy footwear, customers can anticipate a seamless integration of Roxy’s distinctive style and performance with the Aldo Group’s accessible and fashionable approach. This collaboration has the potential to redefine the action sports industry and offer women and girls a unique and empowering footwear option.

The expanded partnership between Authentic and the Aldo Group is expected to strengthen Roxy’s presence in the fashion and footwear markets. Customers can anticipate an exciting future filled with innovative and stylish Roxy footwear options that effortlessly blend fashion and functionality. As both Authentic and the Aldo Group continue to make waves in the fashion industry, this partnership marks an thrilling chapter for both companies.

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