Authentic Brands Group Inc, a well-known chain operator in the apparel industry, has decided to cancel its initial public offering (IPO) in the United States. The company made this announcement in a filing with the securities regulator, but did not provide a specific reason for its decision.

In November, Authentic Brands Group had struck a deal to sell a portion of its stake to private equity firms CVC Capital Partners and HPS Investment Partners. This transaction valued the company at $12.7 billion, taking into account its debts. The company boasts an extensive portfolio of over 30 brands, including renowned names like Forever 21, Aeropostale, Van Heusen, and Bandolino. These brands cater to a wide range of retail segments, including luxury, specialty, department stores, mid-tier, mass, and e-commerce.

Recent media reports had suggested that Authentic Brands Group had obtained a majority stake in DB Ventures LLC, a brand-management company owned by former soccer star David Beckham. However, a spokesperson for Authentic Brands Group has denied these reports, clarifying that there is currently no partnership between the two companies.

Authentic Brands Group had initially filed for an IPO in July of the previous year, with intentions to list on the New York Stock Exchange. During that time, the company had reported considerable growth in earnings for the year 2020.

The decision to withdraw its IPO plans could have been influenced by a variety of factors, such as market conditions, internal considerations, or changes in business strategies. Irrespective of the reason, this move indicates that Authentic Brands Group is reevaluating its options for expansion and growth. Being one of the key players in the apparel industry, the company’s decisions and future developments will be closely monitored by investors and industry observers alike.

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