AYR, also known as All Year Round, has expanded its offerings to include a menswear line. The brand, well-known for its affordable and high-quality womenswear, appointed Brice Pattison as the Vice President of Menswear Design to lead this new venture. Pattison, who brings his experience from working at Todd Snyder and J.Crew, is responsible for developing AYR’s new men’s line.

Pattison’s wife, Maggie Winter, founded AYR ten years ago and had always envisioned creating a men’s line. She trusted Pattison with this task due to his understanding and appreciation of the ethos behind AYR’s women’s line, which focuses on a masculine aesthetic. Pattison saw the opportunity to create a men’s line that seamlessly complements the existing women’s line.

The introduction of the men’s collection has proven to be a success, generating one million dollars in sales within its first year. The initial collections took a conservative approach, featuring classic styles and textiles. Some spring-summer pieces like blazers, sweatshirts, and t-shirts were carried over into the winter collection, while the rest continued to evolve.

AYR has set a goal for the men’s line to account for 20% to 25% of total sales within the next five years. To achieve this, Pattison has introduced new pieces for the winter collection, including leather jackets, corduroy shirt and pant sets, two-pocket shirts, an expanded denim section, and winter coats. The denim jeans, known for their high-quality fabric made in Louisiana, and the sweater made with exceptional yarn from Italy and soft cotton, along with their outerwear range, remain the best-selling items. Pattison is also considering future developments in suits and accessories.

While AYR previously had physical stores in popular locations like Soho, New York, Venice, Los Angeles, and the Hamptons, they have made the decision to focus exclusively on e-commerce and direct-to-consumer sales. However, Pattison confirms that physical stores will be part of their future plans. AYR believes that their classic clothing style benefits from a physical presence. Nonetheless, their primary focus is on responsible growth through e-commerce.

AYR places a strong emphasis on sustainability. While some of their products are made in China, the USA, and Peru, the brand advocates for buying less clothing as a means of sustainability. AYR designs their fashion to be long-lasting and affordable, prioritizing timeless pieces over trendy items.

Before joining AYR, Pattison was a part of the founding team at Todd Snyder New York, where he served as the design director. His previous experience also included working as a menswear designer at J.Crew under Snyder’s leadership. Pattison relocated to Ojai, California to create his collections for AYR. The fittings still take place in New York, but the AYR team is spread across various locations such as Salt Lake City, the Hamptons, San Francisco, and Columbus, Ohio. AYR operates without a traditional headquarters, instead employing people from wherever they are most suited for the job. This flexible and decentralized structure aligns with the team’s approach, and they plan to continue working in this manner.

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