Private equity firm Bain Capital has announced its intention to acquire Mash Holdings, a Japanese apparel maker, for approximately $1.44 billion. This strategic move aims to empower Mash Holdings, based in Tokyo, to expand its global footprint with the support of Bain’s expertise. Mash Holdings has also set a goal to become a publicly traded company in the next three to five years.

The spokesperson for Mash Holdings emphasized their desire to further expand overseas, particularly in China, emphasizing their strategy to focus on the Chinese market as part of their global expansion efforts.

Among Mash Holdings’ portfolio of brands, Gelato Pique stands out as a popular choice, specializing in pajamas and launched in 2008. This brand has gained significant popularity among young people in Japan. Additionally, Mash Holdings offers a diverse range of products, including a cosmetics line introduced in 2010.

In the fiscal year ending in August 2022, Mash Holdings recorded a revenue of 102.3 billion yen, with approximately 90% of the revenue generated domestically and the remaining 10% from international sales.

Bain Capital has not made any comments regarding the acquisition outside of regular working hours. However, this significant development in the global fashion industry showcases a major private equity firm’s investment in a Japanese apparel maker. The partnership between Bain Capital and Mash Holdings holds immense potential to reshape the company’s future and unlock new opportunities for growth in international markets.

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