BasicNet, the parent company of well-known sportswear brands Robe di Kappa and K-Way, along with footwear brand Superga, has seen remarkable growth in the first nine months of 2022. The company’s aggregate sales reached €929.4 million, showing a significant increase of 34.3% compared to the same period in the previous year. This outstanding performance has also resulted in a consolidated revenue surge of 30.3% to €282.6 million. Additionally, BasicNet’s EBITDA rose by 31.4% to €44.1 million, while its EBIT experienced a remarkable growth of 37.3% to €33.3 million.

To add to its accomplishments, BasicNet successfully completed various strategic initiatives during this period. Notably, the company distributed significant dividends amounting to €6.1 million to its shareholders. Additionally, it repurchased shares worth €4.8 million, demonstrating its dedication to enhancing shareholder value. Furthermore, BasicNet expanded its business through the acquisition of a 100% stake in K-Way France for €33.4 million, further strengthening its brand portfolio.

Recognizing the contributions of its hardworking employees, BasicNet has decided to provide an extra monthly salary in November. This additional allowance, known as a goods and services allowance, can be used or reimbursed for various expenses such as utility bills, petrol, school fees, transportation, and food, within a 12-month period. This initiative aims to reward and support employees’ financial well-being.

BasicNet’s impressive financial performance and successful strategic initiatives reflect the company’s unwavering commitment to continuous growth and innovation in the sportswear and footwear industry. With celebrated brands under its wing, BasicNet continues to establish itself as a frontrunner in the market.

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