In a strategic move to capitalize on the growing trend of social commerce, Bazaarvoice has recently acquired social commerce solution Curalate. Bazaarvoice, a specialist in user-generated content (UGC) and product reviews, aims to offer brands a powerful solution by blending the capabilities of both businesses.

With consumers increasingly making purchasing decisions based on UGC, this acquisition will bolster the ability of brands to drive sales on social media platforms, websites, and throughout the Bazaarvoice retailer network. Additionally, customers will benefit from Curalate’s industry-leading solutions for transforming social content into shoppable experiences.

Curalate currently serves over 1,000 brands and retailers, including Best Buy and Lululemon, by turning images into digital storefronts. By leveraging Curalate’s expertise in visual technology, Bazaarvoice aims to enhance the shopping experience for consumers who increasingly seek visual content in reviews.

A significant aspect of this acquisition is Curalate’s strong relationships with major social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. This will allow brands and retailers to make the most of social shopping by delivering engaging and effective ratings and review content through strategic partnerships.

According to research conducted by Bazaarvoice, social content plays a vital role in the consumer purchase journey, particularly among Gen Z shoppers. These young consumers are more likely to discover new brands and products through influencers, and approximately 42% of global shoppers have made a purchase through social media.

The COVID-19 pandemic has further emphasized the importance of visual content and UGC in enabling consumers to shop with confidence online. As online shopping has surged during this time, brands and retailers have the opportunity to leverage the consumer appetite for visual content and social shopping.

Keith Nealon, CEO of Bazaarvoice, highlights the significance of this acquisition in enabling brands and retailers to meet the demands of consumers and enhance the shopping experience. By harnessing the power of social content and UGC, Bazaarvoice and Curalate aim to drive sales and stay at the forefront of the visual commerce trend.

Overall, the acquisition of Curalate positions both companies as leaders in social commerce and visual technology. This partnership empowers brands and retailers to take advantage of the growing trend and deliver an enhanced shopping experience for consumers.

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