Beach House Group (BHG) has recently unveiled its new venture fund, Beach House Venture (BHV), which aims to support emerging beauty and lifestyle brands during their early stages of development. BHV will provide financial backing and other valuable resources that are typically associated with private equity firms. In addition to funding, BHV will offer a shared service platform, expertise in brand building, and access to established global retail relationships within BHG. As a reputable incubator and launchpad for scaling brands, BHG aims to help these nascent brands thrive and succeed in the competitive market.

BHV is already in discussions with several brands in the clinical skincare, unique cosmetics, and sunless tanning categories. Moreover, BHG has stated in a press release that it is currently collaborating on a fragrance project that does not involve any celebrity associations. This initiative by BHG highlights the company’s dedication to supporting and nurturing innovative brands in the beauty and lifestyle space.

Founded by entrepreneurs Neff and Brice in 2018, Beach House Group has played a significant role in the success of renowned brands such as Pattern with Tracee Ellis Ross, Béis with Shay Mitchell, Moon Oral Beauty with Kendall Jenner and Odell Beckham Jr., and Florence By Mills with Millie Bobby Brown. With BHV, Neff and Brice aspire to establish a non-traditional venture group that understands the unique challenges and aspirations faced by entrepreneurs. They aim to offer visionary founders an exceptional opportunity to expand their businesses on a global scale. Leveraging their experience and extensive network, which includes retailers and influential figures, BHV endeavors to become a driving force behind the success of these budding entrepreneurs.

BHG has adeptly established strategic retail partnerships with major global players like Ulta Beauty and Sephora, as well as specialty retailers. This extensive network has contributed to BHG’s impressive annual revenue, which is projected to surpass $250 million. The launch of BHV positions BHG to further solidify its standing in the industry and continue fostering innovative brands in the beauty and lifestyle sectors. What sets BHG apart from traditional venture groups is its unwavering dedication to supporting emerging entrepreneurs and nurturing their growth, further establishing its role as a crucial player in the industry.

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