British adventurer and TV presenter, Bear Grylls, has partnered with German outdoor apparel brand Jack Wolfskin. In this collaboration, Grylls will not only become an ambassador for the brand but also join the Jack Wolfskin Discovery Team, a group consisting of explorers, researchers, educators, and creatives.

The alliance between Bear Grylls and Jack Wolfskin is driven by their shared mission to cultivate curiosity, transfer knowledge, inspire action, and facilitate adventures for people from all walks of life. Mokhtar Benbouazza, Vice-President of Marketing for Jack Wolfskin, points out that both brands are dedicated to addressing the issue of modern lifestyles disconnecting individuals from the natural world. Shockingly, research reveals that the average American spends a staggering 93% of their time indoors, while European children spend half as much time playing outside compared to their parents’ generation.

By uniting their efforts, Jack Wolfskin and Bear Grylls strive to combat these challenges and motivate young people to spend more time in nature. They also aim to assist individuals in acquiring vital life skills and cultivating a deep connection to the environment. Ultimately, the goal is to empower more individuals to embark on their own personal adventures and develop a profound appreciation for the beauty of the wilderness and society as a whole.

Grylls expresses his enthusiasm for working with Jack Wolfskin, highlighting the brand’s dynamic nature and its approachability within the outdoor industry. He particularly emphasizes the durability of their apparel, emphasizing its usability for anyone venturing into the great outdoors.

With both Grylls and the Jack Wolfskin team being experienced, dedicated, and entertaining individuals, this collaboration promises to be an exciting adventure for everyone involved. Together, they aspire to make a significant impact by promoting a more mindful and nature-connected way of life.

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