Beauty brand incubator, FounderSix, has received a $12 million investment from venture capital firm KD Capital. This funding will allow FounderSix to expand its successful approach and introduce a range of influencer-led beauty brands to the market. The investment comes on the heels of FounderSix’s recent brand launches, such as Ravie Beauty, created in collaboration with YouTuber Allie Glines. Ravie Beauty saw incredible success, achieving a year’s worth of projected sales in just 30 minutes.

FounderSix is unique in its comprehensive support for influencers looking to break into the beauty brand space. The company not only provides initial capital for current and future portfolio companies but also manages all aspects of brand operations. What sets FounderSix apart is its focus on product development, backed by team members with experience from industry giants like L’Oréal, Shiseido, Unilever, and Johnson & Johnson. Additionally, FounderSix has strong partnerships with top manufacturing facilities in South Korea, Italy, and the United States.

Lewis Cheng, the managing partner of KD Capital, expressed confidence in FounderSix’s leadership, highlighting their emphasis on investing in people rather than just ideas. He praised Founders Oli Goulden and Pieter Wittgen for their talent in creating exciting new brands from scratch and their proven track record. Cheng also expressed excitement in supporting FounderSix’s vision for the future.

This investment from KD Capital represents a significant milestone for FounderSix, providing the financial resources necessary for continued growth and innovation in the beauty industry. With their comprehensive support system for influencers and partnerships with industry leaders, FounderSix is well-positioned to bring fresh and exciting beauty brands to consumers worldwide.

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