Beiersdorf, the renowned manufacturer of Nivea products, remains optimistic about its sales recovery in 2021, despite facing a 5.7% decline in organic sales as a result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The company recently announced sales of 7.025 billion euros ($8.50 billion) for the year, which fell slightly below analyst expectations of 7.071 billion euros. However, despite this setback, Beiersdorf managed to keep its earnings before interest and taxation (EBIT) at 906 million euros, which was higher than the predicted figure of 885 million euros.

Although the drop in organic sales is a slight improvement compared to the 7.1% decline reported during the first nine months of 2020, Beiersdorf is hopeful for a rebound in revenue growth for both the company and its consumer business in 2021. The company also aims to maintain the same level of EBIT margin as it did in 2020. However, Beiersdorf’s Tesa adhesives unit may see a decrease in its EBIT margin due to significant investments.

CEO Stefan de Loecker is determined to accelerate the investment program that was initiated in 2019. Beiersdorf plans to invest an additional 300 million euros over the next five years, with a specific focus on sustainability, digitalization, and growth markets.

Despite the uncertainties that still lie ahead in the current year, de Loecker remains confident that significant improvements will be visible by the end of 2021, especially as vaccination efforts escalate in many parts of the world.

Beiersdorf’s positive outlook for sales recovery in 2021 showcases the company’s resilience during these challenging times brought on by the pandemic. By investing in sustainability, digitalization, and growth markets, Beiersdorf demonstrates its commitment to adapting to evolving consumer demands and market trends.

As the year progresses and vaccination efforts continue to increase, Beiersdorf aims to regain momentum and achieve growth in its consumer business. By focusing on innovation, sustainable practices, and strategic investments, the company positions itself for long-term success in an ever-changing consumer goods industry.

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