Belstaff, the renowned luxury outdoor fashion brand from the UK, has announced its collaboration with Swedish retail technology platform Voyado in a bid to enhance customer experience and loyalty. With Belstaff’s 100th anniversary approaching, the partnership aims to create exceptional customer experiences and personalized shopping journeys that bridge the gap between online and in-store retail.

In an increasingly competitive market, brands understand the significance of customer loyalty and personalization in establishing lasting connections with their clientele. Belstaff, fully cognizant of these imperatives, has joined forces with Voyado to tap into their expertise in this domain.

Amelia Clarkson, CRM Manager at Belstaff, emphasized the brand’s unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences while constantly seeking avenues for improvement. By evaluating their current marketing technology stack and collaborating with partners like Voyado, Belstaff is able to derive fresh ideas and benefit from additional expertise.

Voyado’s impressive capabilities, such as the ability to integrate Belstaff’s existing email service provider and seamlessly merge with their in-store point-of-sale system, caught the brand’s attention. These features empower Belstaff’s employees by enabling them to access valuable customer data, thereby providing a more personalized shopping experience.

For Voyado, this partnership with Belstaff is yet another significant collaboration in the UK fashion industry. Earlier this year, the technology platform successfully partnered with fashion retailer Jigsaw, exhibiting its commitment to expanding its presence in the UK market and supporting growth strategies for fashion businesses.

As Belstaff approaches its centennial milestone, the collaboration with Voyado reinforces its dedication to delivering exceptional customer experiences, fostering loyalty, and creating a seamless shopping journey for its customers. Leveraging Voyado’s expertise, Belstaff aims to solidify its position as a leading luxury outdoor fashion brand in the highly competitive UK market.

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