Berluti, the renowned French luxury brand celebrated for its timeless craftsmanship, is set to take center stage at the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The brand has secured a prestigious role as the official clothing provider for the opening ceremonies, scheduled for July 26 and Aug. 28, respectively.

This partnership marks a significant milestone for Berluti, offering a unique platform to showcase its artistry to a global audience. Antoine Arnault, CEO of Berluti and head of communication, image, and environment at LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, emphasized the enormous reach of the Olympics’ opening ceremonies, with over 3 billion viewers tuning in to the Tokyo event. It presents a remarkable opportunity to spotlight Berluti’s ready-to-wear and bespoke collections.

While the intricate design details of Team France’s attire remain confidential, Arnault hinted at Berluti’s commitment to creating ensembles that seamlessly blend sophistication with comfort, specifically tailored to meet the needs of the athletes. The goal is to ensure that the athletes exude the spirit of France during this momentous ceremony.

Arnault’s vision of harmonizing “elegance with performance” in dressing the French athletes resonates with Berluti’s rich history of catering to iconic personalities, including Andy Warhol, Frank Sinatra, Yves Saint Laurent, and Marcel Proust.


This collaboration between Berluti and Paris 2024 represents a partnership aimed at celebrating French savoir-faire and sartorial excellence. Berluti has been in close collaboration with Olympic hopefuls, such as fencer Enzo Lefort, gymnast Mélanie de Jesus dos Santos, and swimmer Leon Marchand, to design uniforms that align with their unique requirements.

As preparations continue for the grand unveiling of the official uniforms, Berluti anticipates rising to the occasion and delivering an unforgettable performance at the Paris 2024 Olympics. The brand joins other eminent LVMH houses, including Chaumet, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Sephora, and the Moët Hennessy wines and spirits division, in contributing to the success of this monumental event. The Paris 2024 Olympics is projected to draw 4 billion TV viewers, 13 million spectators, and 20,000 journalists, offering an exceptional platform for Berluti and the luxury conglomerate to shine.

This collaboration is not only a testament to Berluti’s craftsmanship but also a celebration of French elegance on the world stage, solidifying the brand’s position as a beacon of luxury and style. The unveiling of Team France’s attire promises to be a momentous occasion, as Berluti combines tradition with innovation to create unforgettable fashion moments at the Paris 2024 Olympics opening ceremonies.

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