Bidayat, a company affiliated with the Alsara Investment Group, has recently acquired a minority stake in Azza Fahmy, a renowned jewelry house based in the Middle East. The specific terms of the financial transaction have not been revealed to the public. This new investment is expected to provide crucial support for Azza Fahmy’s expansion efforts, both regionally and globally. The company aims to enhance its retail presence and increase sales in the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa) as well as in North America. As part of their strategy, Azza Fahmy plans to open two flagship stores in the first half of 2023.

Since its establishment in 1969, Azza Fahmy has become synonymous with distinctive designs and exceptional craftsmanship. The brand has cultivated a strong reputation and has even caught the attention of numerous celebrities, including Julia Roberts, Rihanna, Amy Adams, and Naomi Campbell, who have been seen wearing Azza Fahmy jewelry.

Despite this new investment, Azza Fahmy will remain a family-run business with active involvement from the family members. Azza Fahmy, the company’s founder, will continue to serve as the chairwoman, while her daughters, Fatma Ghaly and Amina Ghali, will hold pivotal positions as the creative director and chief executive, respectively.

The partnership between Bidayat and Azza Fahmy perfectly aligns with Bidayat’s core mission of supporting talented entrepreneurs and high-growth companies that possess a robust brand identity. Both companies share similar values, which forms a solid foundation for their collaboration. Bidayat has a history of fostering talent through education and supporting female entrepreneurs. Alongside its investment in Azza Fahmy, Bidayat has also invested in other fashion brands like Egyptian accessories brand Okhtein and Italian puffer jacket label Khrisjoy. Moreover, Alsara Investment Group, the parent company of Bidayat, holds investments in luxury eyewear company Akoni Group.

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