Bimba y Lola, the Spanish fashion and accessories company, has experienced a phenomenal 4.3% increase in sales for the fiscal year 2022, surpassing the previous year’s figures. These outstanding sales can be attributed to the brand’s significant expansion of international sales, which saw a remarkable 22% increase. Bimba y Lola successfully entered seven new countries across Asia, America, and Europe, contributing to their overall growth. Furthermore, the company achieved consistent year-on-year growth in the markets they already operated in, solidifying their position in the global market.

With this impressive growth, Bimba y Lola now generates more than 44% of its business outside of Spain, showcasing its global appeal and success in reaching international markets. Additionally, the brand noticed signs of recovery in their retail activity, with sales increasing by 10% in 2021. However, there was a slight slowdown in their digital channel, which now accounts for 18% of the company’s total revenues. Despite this, Bimba y Lola’s extensive reach remains intact, with 286 points of sale in 26 countries and availability in an additional 48 countries through their online shops. This wide presence allows the company to tap into new markets and connect with a diverse customer base.

In terms of employment, Bimba y Lola has constantly expanded its team, which consisted of 1809 employees globally by the end of 2022. This represents a 6% increase compared to the previous year, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to job growth and providing opportunities.

Furthermore, Bimba y Lola has made significant investments in key projects to ensure its long-term development. The company invested a record-breaking 28% more than the previous year, demonstrating their dedication to innovation and future growth.

Overall, Bimba y Lola’s positive sales growth and expansion into new markets indicate their strong brand presence and popularity. With a focus on international sales and investment in long-term development, the company is well-positioned to continue its upward trajectory in the fashion and accessories industry.

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