Birchbox France, the French subsidiary of the US-based online beauty kit subscription service, has recently undergone a significant change in ownership. In a joint effort, the company’s co-founders, in partnership with the investment fund Otium Capital, have acquired Birchbox France, paving the way for its transformation into an independent entity.

Originally established in the US in 2010, Birchbox expanded its operations to France in 2011 through a merger with JolieBox, a company created by Quentin Reygrobellet and Martin Balas. However, with this recent acquisition, Birchbox France is now poised to operate as an autonomous company, relinquishing its ties to its American counterpart.

The move towards independence is expected to have a profound impact on Birchbox France’s expansion plans. With full control over its operations, the company aims to capitalize on its extensive customer database by focusing on personalized experiences and curating a carefully selected range of partner brands. By leveraging these strengths, Birchbox France hopes to enhance its position in the competitive beauty industry.

The financial performance of Birchbox France has been impressive, with a notable 20% increase in revenue recorded in 2019. Furthermore, the company has remained consistently profitable since 2016. Its revenue streams are well-balanced, with 60% derived from subscriptions and the remaining 40% generated through its e-commerce platform.

To support its future growth ambitions, Birchbox France has aligned itself with Otium Capital, whose leader, French entrepreneur Pierre-Edouard Stérin, serves as a strategic partner. Otium Capital’s expertise and resources are expected to play a vital role in Birchbox France’s pursuit of its expansion goals.

As part of its newfound independence, Birchbox France plans to undergo a rebranding effort, seeking a new name that aligns with its refreshed identity. The company aims to initiate these changes in the coming weeks, signalling a new chapter in its evolution.

To further bolster its growth trajectory, Birchbox France has set its sights on expanding its presence across Europe. The company intends to introduce premium services throughout the year, providing its customers with even more exclusive and tailored experiences.

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