The Black Friday shopping frenzy has come under scrutiny for featuring a surge in “false deals,” according to a report by price comparison service PriceSpy. Although the event provided consumers with the opportunity for bigger savings and a wider range of products, it also saw an increase in deals that were not actually deals, ultimately deceiving shoppers throughout the sales period.

PriceSpy conducted an analysis of activity on its site and discovered that approximately 11% of the deals were fake. These deals appeared to be discounted for Black Friday but had actually increased in price between 1 October and the Sunday before the event. This percentage represents a 1% increase compared to the previous year. The report also highlighted that 22% of products on the site were more expensive on Black Friday than they were at the beginning of November.

However, amidst the prevalence of false deals, there was still a positive side to the Black Friday shopping extravaganza. The report revealed that 39% of products were cheaper on Black Friday compared to the start of the month, with an average saving of 26%. This percentage remained consistent with the previous year’s findings. Notably, footwear boasted the best discounts with a 41% reduction.

In terms of the most popular purchases on Black Friday, Beauty & Health and Home & Interior emerged as the top categories. Fragrances were also among the most sought-after product types, indicative of the trends observed in 2022.

Liisa Matinvesi-Bassett, the UK country manager at PriceSpy, expressed both satisfaction and disappointment at the findings. Matinvesi-Bassett found it encouraging to see that shoppers were able to save more on a wider range of products compared to the previous year. However, the gradual increase in fake sales is disheartening. She emphasized that shoppers are now eagerly anticipating ongoing discounts leading up to Christmas to take advantage of offers that were not available on Black Friday. In addition, she advised shoppers to consider Boxing Day as another opportune day to find good deals, particularly on items like mobile phones, TVs, and shoes.

In conclusion, while Black Friday presents attractive deals and discounts, consumers must exercise caution and be aware of false deals that may not deliver the savings they seem to promise. By remaining vigilant and well-informed, shoppers can make the most of this shopping extravaganza without falling for deceptive marketing tactics.

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