Bollman Hat Company has recently taken a significant step in the fashion industry by acquiring a majority share of the iconic UK hat brand Kangol from Frasers Group. As part of the agreement, Bollman will now own 51% of Kangol, including full intellectual property rights. This move is not a surprising one for Bollman, as they have been involved in the development and production of Kangol headwear since 2001. Frasers Group will still retain a 49% share of the brand and will continue to focus on retail distribution through their popular store portfolio, which includes House of Fraser, USC, and Sports Direct.

For Bollman, headwear is the driving force behind Kangol’s creative direction and inspiration for all of their other products. With this acquisition, Bollman plans to utilize their exceptional design, craftsmanship, and commitment to innovation to enhance and expand Kangol’s entire product portfolio. Their ultimate goal is to create a unified and highly sought-after global lifestyle brand. Don Rongione, CEO of Bollman, expressed his enthusiasm about this opportunity, highlighting Bollman’s role as the caretaker of Kangol’s evolution and brand identity. They have already established themselves as the standard-bearers for Kangol brand development on a global scale, and they are eager to continue this journey by applying the same level of excellence to additional categories.

This recent acquisition solidifies Bollman’s position as the driving force behind Kangol’s growth and affirms their dedication to crafting high-quality headwear. It also signifies their commitment to expanding Kangol’s reach on a global level. With Bollman’s expertise and resources, Kangol is poised to become an even more influential and successful brand in the fashion industry.

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