Boohoo, the well-known fashion brand, has recently made a major announcement regarding its collaboration and partnership with Kourtney Kardashian Barker, the CEO and founder of Poosh. In her new role as the brand’s ambassador, Kardashian Barker’s primary focus will be on promoting sustainability within the fashion industry. Together with Boohoo’s design team and global experts, she has been closely involved in the creation of two limited edition capsule collections, which aim to lead the way towards a more sustainable fashion future.

The collaboration will kick off with the launch of a 45-piece capsule collection this month. The process of bringing this collection to life has been filmed and shared in a social media content series, giving audiences a behind-the-scenes look at Kardashian Barker’s interactions with sustainability experts. These experts specialize in various areas such as worker welfare, human rights, textile waste, upcycling, resale, and vintage fashion. The valuable insights gained from these interactions will not only inform the current collaboration but will also shape Boohoo’s sustainability initiatives in the future.

Kardashian Barker initially expressed her concerns about the damaging impact of the fast fashion industry on the environment. However, she was pleased to discover that Boohoo shares her passion for incorporating sustainable practices into their collaboration. She stated, “It has been enlightening to have direct conversations with industry experts.” The first collection is set to be launched during New York Fashion Week, with a second collection scheduled for release next spring, incorporating the knowledge and insights gained from this partnership.

As part of its commitment to sustainability, Boohoo plans to announce a series of commitments based on the recommendations of independent experts at the end of this year-long partnership. The brand recognizes the growing demand from its customers for more sustainable options and has made sure to create this collection with affordable price points ranging from £5 to £75. Moreover, Boohoo has ventured into the realm of vintage fashion by sourcing two exclusive key styles for the collection. The garments within the collections also incorporate recycled fibers, traceable cotton, and cleverly designed multiway pieces that offer customers various styling options.

Boohoo has actively sought ways to extend the lifecycle of its collection by partnering with rental specialist Hirestreet. While the improved fabric options may not provide a perfect solution, the brand is committed to providing customers with clear information about how their garments are made and offering options for accessing and caring for the pieces. Boohoo even provides a free Kares document to assist customers in prolonging the lifespan of their purchases.

This collaboration between Boohoo and Kourtney Kardashian Barker marks an exciting step towards a more sustainable future within the fashion industry. Through their partnership, they aim to inspire change and set an example, showing that sustainability can be accessible and stylish. Boohoo’s continued collaborations with influential figures like Kardashian Barker demonstrate the brand’s dedication to evolving and improving its sustainability practices.

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