Boohoo, the UK-based online retailer, is expanding its presence in London with the acquisition of a new office in the trendy Soho district for a staggering £72 million. This move comes as Boohoo’s influence in the capital continues to grow since its acquisition of iconic British brands Karen Millen and Coast in 2019. The company has further expanded its portfolio with the purchase of significant brands such as Oasis, Warehouse, Debenhams, Dorothy Perkins, Burton, and Wallis.

The newly acquired office, situated at 10 Great Pulteney Street, will serve as a hub for Boohoo’s London-based teams, including product, marketing, technology, and central support. This strategic investment not only solidifies Boohoo’s commitment to the city but also helps maintain fashion office jobs, especially given the challenges faced by London’s West End garment district due to the pandemic.

With the closures of well-established fashion companies like Arcadia and Debenhams, the industry has experienced a significant loss in employment opportunities. However, Boohoo’s acquisition of several Arcadia brands and the purchase of Debenhams demonstrate its dedication to keeping a strong presence in London.

The new office provides approximately 600 staff members with the flexibility of remote working arrangements, which aligns with the changing work culture and the increased importance of remote work in the post-pandemic era.

Boohoo’s choice of a prime location like Soho reflects its long-term vision to establish itself as a key player in the London fashion scene. Known for its vibrant and creative atmosphere, Soho is the ideal setting for the company’s product development, marketing campaigns, technological innovations, and essential support functions.

By expanding its footprint in London, Boohoo not only strengthens its presence but also demonstrates its commitment to keeping London-based brands rooted in the city. The dedicated workspace for its expanding teams allows for collaboration, creativity, and growth within the capital’s fashion industry.

As Boohoo solidifies its position as a dominant force in the online retail sector, its investment in London highlights the city’s status as a global fashion capital. The acquisition of the Soho office is a strategic move that is likely to generate further interest and investment in London’s fashion and retail landscape. With its expanding portfolio of brands and commitment to nurturing talent, Boohoo is poised to make a lasting impact on the vibrant fashion scene of the UK capital.

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