Boohoo, the popular online fast fashion retailer, is now facing potential scrutiny from US lawyers in a massive $100 million (£75m) class action lawsuit. The suit alleges that Boohoo engaged in deceptive practices by falsely inflating their original prices in order to present bigger markdowns to their customers. Despite Boohoo’s efforts to dismiss the lawsuit, a judge has rejected their motion, leaving the case to proceed. Furthermore, the court has yet to determine whether it has jurisdiction over Boohoo Group, the parent company. Attorneys representing the claimants anticipate that Boohoo executives, including Chief Financial Officer Neil Catto, will be called in to testify during the proceedings. Boohoo is determined to vigorously defend itself against these legal allegations.

This lawsuit adds to the growing list of controversies surrounding Boohoo. The company has recently faced intense criticism following the Leicester manufacturing scandal, which exposed unscrupulous labor practices and sparked concerns about unethical supply chain management. Additionally, Boohoo has also faced challenges with the resignation of its auditor. These developments have further tarnished Boohoo’s reputation and raised serious questions about the company’s ethical standards and business practices.

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