Boots, the well-known health and beauty retailer in the UK, is responding to the current cost-of-living crisis by launching a major budget range of products. As inflation and costs continue to rise, consumers are looking for deals and promotions to help them save money. The new budget brand, called ‘everyday’, aims to attract customers who are cutting back on their expenses. What sets this range apart is that all the products will cost £1.50 or less, making them extremely affordable for those on a tight budget.

This budget range includes a variety of products such as large bottles of shampoo and conditioner for just 75p, toothbrushes, cleansing wipes, and hand wash. According to Jenna Whittingham-Ward, Head of Beauty for Boots brands and exclusives, the everyday brand allows customers to make small and affordable switches in their everyday routines while still feeling clean and good about themselves.

During these challenging times, when many people are facing difficult choices between essentials like heating and eating, Boots aims to provide customers with budget-friendly products that don’t compromise on quality. As the company’s slogan states, “if it has got Boots on it, it has got our best in it.” Customers can trust that even the budget mango and papaya shampoo and the ‘zingy’ raspberry and pomegranate shower gel, priced at 85p, will not disappoint in terms of quality.

In addition to launching this budget range, Boots has also seen a significant increase in sign-ups to its Advantage card loyalty scheme. In just six months, 500,000 new members have joined, making it the highest increase in membership the retailer has seen in a while. This surge in sign-ups shows that customers are actively seeking ways to save money and take advantage of discounts and benefits offered by Boots.

To further support its customers during these challenging times, Boots has frozen prices on over 1,500 products. This means that essential items under its own-label lines will maintain their prices until the end of the year. This price freeze is a relief for customers who rely on these products and want the assurance that they will remain affordable.

Boots offers an extensive range of private label products, with over 11,000 products in its portfolio. Among these are 100 lines priced at £1 or less and 1,000 products priced at £2 or under. Despite the economic downturn, the demand for beauty products remains strong, with overall beauty sales experiencing a 14% increase compared to last year. Fragrance sales have also risen by almost a fifth, indicating that consumers still want to treat themselves to small luxuries despite the financial pressures they face.

Seb James, the Chief Executive of Boots UK, acknowledges this sales trend during economic downturns. He states that customers tend to continue purchasing small treats and notes the increased spending on own-label products and promotions. Based on the current market trends and customer preferences, Boots will continue to adapt and provide affordable options without compromising on quality.

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